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    Launching Chocolate Hexen through Steam

    This is what's in the base folder. The dosbox exe is the renamed chocolate hexen exe. Edit: I can't post now for some reason so I can only edit this post. I tried the whole process again on another system (my current system only has one drive and Steam won't let me create more than one library per drive), then I copied the config files from that system to this one. Whenever I boot through Steam, Steam seems to create two new config files just outside the base folder, so I overrote those config files and set them to read-only, then something else happened. Now if I launch through Steam it launches in fullscreen (even though I set fullscreen to "0" in the config files)... but WITH my changes to the controls.
  2. RedSwirl

    Launching Chocolate Hexen through Steam

    I just tried both. The first one didn't seem to do anything. The second thing booted up the setup file, but upon saving and launching the game still went into fullscreen and reverted to default controls, no matter what I'd changed the settings to in the setup.
  3. I'm trying Hexen for the first time, so I install it with Chocolate Hexen to get the most vanilla experience I can outside DOSBOX, but I also still want to launch it through Steam and have Steam count my play time on the game, so I do the trick where you rename the executable to make Steam launch Chocolate Hexen. The problem is, whenever I launch through Steam, it launches Chocolate Hexen with default settings. I'd already gone into the setup launcher, changed the controls, and set it to launch windowed. When I launch the exe directly from the File Explorer, it launches with my settings, but launching through Steam ignores these settings. I've tried looking through the config files but there are like four of them and I've tried to single out which one Steam actually uses. I'm running Windows 10 if that matters.