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  1. Kills Alone

    Doom Open World 1 map (terminated sadly)

    If your system (I assume its a laptop) is having issues after being dropped the first suspect to test is the HDD or something like loose RAM. For the memory you can usually just take it out then reseat it. For the HDD, sometimes you can disable or bypass the HDD from the BIOS, what I do is run a Live OS (an OS that runs in memory loaded from the CD/DVD drive). If the system can run a Live OS without issue the problem is almost guaranteed to be the HDD.
  2. Kills Alone

    Wolfenstein Young Blood

    I was watching my son play and surprisingly this game seems much better than the last entry. Sure the story and characters are whatever, although I don't mind teens acting like teens, honestly they kinda remind me of how my son and I would play Atlas & Peabody from Portal 2. TNC had far too many cringy cutscenes and very little gameplay. This entry benefits from Arkane Studios involvement, which means more player agency and less linear paths. The upgrades seemed pretty cool and allow you to focus on the style you want (you can melee through most of the enemies if you want). So far we haven't seen any reason to use MTX unless you are the type of player who doesn't really play a game, more of the type that feels compelled to rush through a game. The two things this game really needed was a pause option (where it shows an icon over the player that is AFK) and of course split-screen. I've read they may have added pause by now. Perhaps this game should have been sold as the DLC for TNC.
  3. Kills Alone


    I gave your map a test run, short yet sweet.
  4. Kills Alone

    John Carmack on the Joe Rogan show - it happened!

    Awesome, Carmack is always fun to listen to, and Rogan is well ... I like how his show gives a voice to anyone.
  5. Kills Alone

    The Mansion (Classic Style Doom 2 WAD)

    Not bad for your first map. The buttons were a little iffy; like the ones that didn't do anything. And there is a room you can get stuck in if you don't open a large door first (activated by the button near the Chainsaw). The BFG felt wasted because I had to clear out most of the enemies before I got to it. I liked the secret Wolfenstein reference, and the other two secrets (armor and health) were decently placed.
  6. Kills Alone

    Iron Maiden files trademark suit against Ion Maiden

    While I'm glad its been settled; that really blows goats. Kinda wish they'd reverted to the original 1997 title of Bitch or just gone with Lady Bombshell 3D. Words, colors, names, places, and so on should not belong to one company. Especially in a case like this where its clearly a different title. How fuck'n lazy are people when it comes to reading comprehension? I'm all kinds of dyslexic, so if anyone was going to confuse Ion with Iron it would be me, except its only three letters so that would never happen. At least they kept Ion and Fury is not too bad, just a little generic.
  7. Kills Alone


    Thanks Payload, when I don't have the time for serious modding/mapping I still like to offer any support or insight I can. Forgot to say I really appreciate open ended maps like this where the approach is left up to the player and how the level opened up more over time allowing further exploration and back-tracking. Great stuff. Recently I was thinking how would semi-dynamic enemy spawns work so the player cannot memorize them all. The player class option works pretty well in that respect. Starting as Colonist is interesting what with just a pistol, the friendly AI were a neat touch as well. Curious, did I cheat by grabbing the flamethrower early? This is definitely the best Aliens themed ZDoom map I've played on, of course it couldn't have happened without Kontra_Kommando's efforts. :)
  8. Kills Alone


    Don't seek to reinvent the wheel or impress anyone with your first efforts. Just learn from trial n' error and make what you want to play, then go from there. You'll never make everyone happy. Most peoples first maps are not so hot. I'd also suggest experimenting with less square shaped rooms and more cover. Get some more textures in there and think about how the textures relate to each other.
  9. Kills Alone


    Might not be the health, could be their overall speed combined with small size. Didn't encounter them often enough to say for sure.
  10. Kills Alone


    Here is my recent playthrough as a Merc on Swarms of Aliens difficulty: Three reasons why I used GZDoom's alternate HUD: 1) Easier to read (colors & size options), only thing missing was available turrets. 2) Playing at 1920x1080 the health bar at the top of the screen is cut off OR if HUD preserves aspect ratio is enabled its off the screen. 3) I forget number three ... wait, thats it, I can see the item/secret/enemy count, helpful for confirming kills and what not. Great mod, very happy the Alien Trilogy mod is still gettin' that sweet sweet home cooked lovin'. I cannot wait for more. Potential improvements: 1) Wish all weapons had iron site mode and secondary fire. 2) Movable flood lights. 3) More interactive containers such as the lockers. 4) Underscores make it easier for the (casual) end user: Alien Trilogy Payload Edition.pk3 becomes Alien_Trilogy_Payload_Edition.pk3 5) Worms (not in this playthrough) seem harder to kill then they should be, maybe its the size.
  11. Fuck off Lahey

  12. Kills Alone

    SIGIL - New Romero megawad [released!]

    Alrighty, finally got my BDv21 GOLD playthrough of SIGIL v1.1 uploaded:
  13. Indeed. The manual suggests you should save often or suffer the consequences of losing all acquired weapons, thus auto-save is just making that step for you. I prefer continuity and progression so I like the feature being optional.
  14. Kills Alone

    SIGIL - New Romero megawad [released!]

    Only the first Baron encounter requires scavenging for ammo (or save up Chaingun ammoz), after that you get Rox and then Chainsaw. All my encounters after the first I busted out the Rox for Barons then once I got the Chainsaw I could conserve ammo by killing the occasional Caco and Pinky with it. Those secret stashes of ammo help of course.
  15. Kills Alone

    How to upload Doom demos to YouTube?

    I also prefer the Nvidia Geforce Experience ShadowPlay recorder (phew). I disable the UI widget as I've noticed it sneak into recordings on occasion (especially when invoking Alt-Tab). And sometimes the recorder might act a little funky so I bring up the overlay manually with Alt-Z (disable all the other shortcuts as well), then I select the recording option, I keep my raw video folder in view so I can verify the file has been created. This folder is on a secondary HDD. On top of that I enable Desktop Recording or whatever its called from the bottom-most Privacy menu. With this option you can record everything, not just what the recorder recognizes as a game. This method gives more control and better results, however it will require editing after recording to truncate the unwanted footage. You can set the recorder so it separates your microphone from ingame audio (if you use a mic). You will not hear the mic during normal playback as its on a separate audio track. This method is best used with additional editing software, then you can raise or lower the audio levels and not have to worry about ingame sounds overpowering your mic. I play without music then add music in at the editing stage for the same reason. If you don't want to do any additional editing steps just take xvertigox's advice. You will get a better product if you learn how to edit, I use Sony Vegas, many others suggest Adobe Premiere. Avoid Windows Movie Maker as its controls are terrible and limited. If you want more info I made a video tutorial of my process here: https://youtu.be/f5rHsY2oHp0