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  1. Nymbus_Hustle

    what are you working on? I wanna see your wads.

    Loving this design, man. Hope to see this finished
  2. Nymbus_Hustle

    Least favorite classic Doom or Doom 2 map?

    Honestly, just going to say that much of E3 leaves a lot to be desired. Doom 2 is definitely where Sandy shines a lot more and really refines his gimmick maps. Will say tho that imo E3M7 is one of my favorite maps and E3M2 E3M1 & E3M8 are some of my least favorite maps for many reasons. E3M2 is just really confusing your first time but also really easy if you know where the exit is and where the blue keycard is. However, the gimmick that the map is shaped like a hand is just not a good idea. The hand makes the whole map cramped and shorter than it could've been. E3M1 is just stupid having to kill two cacos with a pistol and then spend the rest of the map conserving ammo so you don't get boned on M2. E3M8 just shows that Sandy didn't know the spider mastermind was weaker than the cyberdemon + the map doesn't really shine unless you pistol start it, but even then it doesn't have the same impact as E1M8 or the level design of E2M8. Tho, picking up the rockets before fighting the spider (pistol start) is an interesting concept, in the context of not pistol starting the map's design has bad execution (EG BFG spam) Unlike other players, I like the concept of E3M9. I like that wormhole in TNT is a similar concept but put into a full level. I think E3M9 might be my favorite secret level in the game tbh. The chasm sucks a lot but it's interesting because it's kind of antithetical to what makes Doom Doom. Like, people hate the chasm bc of its concept and execution more than anything else about the level. Doom's about fast paced running-n-gunning. The game overall uses your speed and mobility as the PC's defense. The Chasm is interesting because it totally flies in the face of this. I would like to see a map or mapset that plays with Chasm's concept and refines it to be more modern. I wonder if someone's made maps like Map24 or if people have just avoided the concept altogether Otherwise, I dunno, the IWADs overall have aged a lot. They're still fun and have influenced the community a ton. However, I find that Sandy's concepts have made more of influence than his design or even the execution of his concepts. Where as Romero's maps have a bit more staying power, but because they're unfortunately at the beginning of the game they're balanced to be a lot easier than E2 or E3.
  3. Nymbus_Hustle

    Creating Megawad using Oblige but modifying it?

    Even if it's considered lazy, if Snek edited it enough it'd be indistinguishable from a "real" megawad. For me, gameplay is more important purity testing some rando mapset on the internet. I'd rather good content get made then have people make pure 100% og content that never gets released. @Snek Imo, it's more problematic to just jump into megawad design. Wouldn't it be easier to focus in one like a three-five level mapset then it would be to work on a 32 level megwad? After all in your op you said that you don't have the time to map, so how would you have the time to make a 32 level mapset? I've never used Oblige but I'd imagine it won't carry you as far as making your own maps from scratch or teach you as much.
  4. I was a kid in the 2000's and being in video game communities on the internet led to lots of mentions of Doom. This exposure definitely was what made me want to seek out the game. I really had no idea where to get Doom tho and had no idea what a source port was lmao I first played Doom as flashdoom, but that was only the shareware version. At some point in eighth grade I came across the wad files bundled with brutal doom off some sketchy Youtube video. I finally got into it back in 2014ish. I played Doom on my original Xbox w/ the Doom 3 collector's edition. I remember how arduous it was for me back then to get through even E1. Then went back to the PC version after getting through E2
  5. Nymbus_Hustle

    Is final doom worth playing?

    Ye, that's what I meant and I agree with you. Plutonia is certainly more focused and is cleverer than TNT. TNT is wildly unbalanced in its difficulty and design. Plus it was very early still in Doom modding so a lot of these levels still feel gimmicky. Although both megawads were released at once, do you know if TNT was made first?
  6. Nymbus_Hustle

    Is final doom worth playing?

    Plutonia is a lot more focused bc it only had two devs. TNT had a bunch of mappers and many of them only released one or two maps. I mean, many of these maps would be spectacular first releases, but you're right that the experimentation wasn't always the best.
  7. Nymbus_Hustle

    What's the best time to make a wad?

    I'll be playing ANY GAME and then be like "Why aren't I mapping" then quit and start mapping. Either that, or I see some interesting geometry or design concept irl/in a game n I get the mapper urge.
  8. Nymbus_Hustle

    playing doom like

    Do you know how to get a mod for Shareware to run? I tried Zandronum and GZDoom and both say I can't use the Shareware version :/ Also, does Romero's E1M4 replacement work?
  9. Nymbus_Hustle

    Is final doom worth playing?

    YES! At least play TNT Evilution. I feel like it's pretty important to experience TeamTNT's design style If you map. Some of the design is kind of confusing, but it just has an oldschool doom vibe AND the music slaps. A lot of the maps in Evil are trying to be c o n c e p t u a l having lots of really cool architecture. I get pretty big E1 vibes from some maps in TNT. However, the mapset can be kinda cheeky and use design tricks that might be confusing to a modern player. Stuff like key placement or how Map02 has a big spike in difficulty (on UV) compared to Evilution's Map01. A lot of the design hasn't aged well and some maps just don't feel balanced right. Plutonia is really good, but very difficult. I wouldn't recommend playing it seriously unless you've beaten Doom E1-E4 & Doom 2 on UV, and a handful of quality mapsets. Also, isn't Final Doom five bucks on Steam?
  10. Nymbus_Hustle

    React To The Profile Pic Above You

    Firefox is a bretty good browser ngl
  11. Nymbus_Hustle

    Has any WAD explored heaven?

    Sandy Peterson is a Mormon and didn't mind the game bc it's about killing demons, "I have no problems with the demons in the game. They're just cartoons. And, anyway, they're the bad guys." (Masters of Doom P 117)
  12. Nymbus_Hustle

    What device do you use for aiming & turning?

    I use a Lenovo OEM mouse, I think USB 2.0 I use a trackball with USB 1.0 and I use a Wii remote
  13. Nymbus_Hustle

    Doom Pictures Thread 2020

    Been working on this for awhile, just started texturing and detailing it. I hope to have it in a playable state within the week and probably will start playtesting next week or so !! Doom 2 UDMF
  14. Nymbus_Hustle

    About the people who aren't here anymore

    Holy wow, I didn't expect that. I've been on this site a couple of times, I always wonder if old sites like these are maintained esp since the owners of them keep renewing the domain. Do you know if she's active in the community or does she just maintain the site for history?
  15. Nymbus_Hustle

    About the people who aren't here anymore

    I found this DOOM site once from around the ninties: http://www.doom2.net/ It has a memorial section with some sad info on a handful of doom users who died around 2000. Does anyone here know anything about them? One of them apparently made maps for Alien Vendetta (Mutator) and another has some demos from '95