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  1. Astro

    Another "My first Doom wad topic"

    I Enjoyed it, for your first wad it's not that bad. The rooms were a little too small. Texturing was alright. Monster placement was great. Overall a good wad!
  2. Hey! Another wad upload from me! This wad is harder than my previous wads i uploaded. All levels are hell themed and have many monsters in them, This wad also has pretty good detail compared to my other wads, i HIGHLY recommend using OpenGL!!! Some screenshots! Use DOOM2.wad and i recommend using GZDoom for more beauty! Have fun! >> https://www.mediafire.com/file/5f89vqc1ivunxuw/HELL.wad/file <<
  3. Astro

    REBORN.wad (12 Level Megawad!)

    I Used Old Format for MAPINFO.
  4. Astro

    REBORN.wad (12 Level Megawad!)

    Thank you very much! Glad you enjoyed it!
  5. Astro

    Plutonia 3 - Going to Surface

    Can't tell if this is a joke wad or someone being serious like: "Yeah, i'm going to release this, this wad is going to be so good."
  6. Astro

    REBORN.wad (12 Level Megawad!)

    Try to left click on the .wad file and then click on properties. Then change the program to run the wad with into GZDoom or PrDoom, or maybe try Zandronum or some other engines! I Hope this helps! EDIT: Also tested it in GZDoom. Got the same error, the problem is with the engines. Please try Zandronum!
  7. Hello! It's been a while since i posted something in here, i've been working on a short megawad that includes custom music, custom difficulty settings and custom weapon sprites, taken from REALM667. There are also 2 secret levels that can be accessed through MAP06. Here are some screenshots! MAP08 MAP09 MAP06 This wad was tested with Zandronum, i don't know if it works with other engines, If you have any problems then please tell me!. Also use DOOM2.wad. Have fun! >> https://www.mediafire.com/file/i9jkjm488d8xa92/REBORN.wad/file <<

    MAP10: Raining Blood840293357_bandicam2019-06-0721-31-37-712.jpg.627fd0c85f928642a00e2e721dd7393d.jpg

  9. MAP31: Alone In Town (Secret Level)



    MAP09: Altar Of Sacrifice.30537457_bandicam2019-06-0118-14-28-592.jpg.83c99e689b4466a75276945adfae62ab.jpg


    MAP08: Satan Laughs As You Eternally Rot51765090_bandicam2019-06-0118-16-38-782.jpg.e8304f81dd322c770102bba03e3584fc.jpg


    MAP06: City Of The Dead.7404355_bandicam2019-06-0118-17-33-778.jpg.ca61fcdc5e5bb5ed38f9a8764c0a3079.jpg

  13. Another One.. lol

    bandicam 2019-05-22 02-18-37-540.jpg

  14. Another sneak peek.

    bandicam 2019-05-22 02-19-20-658.jpg

  15. Sneak Peek :D

    bandicam 2019-05-22 02-15-21-624.jpg