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  1. Thanks! Choosing ZDBSP - Compress nodes fixed my problem!
  2. Hey! I was building my map today and ran into a problem. I Have no idea what this means. What should i do or prepare for? Here are screenshots: The Message & Size of the map (for now)
  3. A little improvement you can make on your ship using the middle texture :)
  4. Astro

    How was this floor made?

    Please can someone explain this to me? I Can't figure it out how this was made.
  5. The very beginning of a map i started working on for my megawad.
  6. Hey. I'm wondering how can i add a new sprite for the face in hud. For example, grittin teeth when a player fires the weapon for more than 2 seconds and has the invulnerability on.
  7. Astro

    Doom Pictures Thread 2021

    MAP14 of my megawad, a little area i made =)
  8. Hey, can someone please tell me how to change this text on my own wad?
  9. Any tips on making credit screens and title screens? What software do i need to use? Thanks!
  10. Astro

    Doom Pictures Thread 2021

    MAP11 of my megawad i've been working on. Probably my best map so far.
  11. This is very interesting :D Should i submit something?
  12. I've added a guide to MAP08 now. You were supposed to jump out of the window by going on the chair in the tram. I will be also fixing bugs and some design errors. Thanks for pointing out!!!