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  1. Bucкsнoт

    Xiller's Hellcity

    Hey y'all! I'd love to call this my first map, but, well, that got lost ages ago. Anyways, this is my first map that I'm sharing here and I'm really excited to get this out here. I'd like to ultimately build 8 levels or so as a full game eventually, but for now I made this extra large level full of hell knights. Lots of them. I had a lot of fun making this map and a whole lot more playing it, so I hope you can, too. (the music is 100% unique and 100% awesome) This level was built for GZDoom with Doom II, tested on version g3.2.5. Mouselook and jumping are highly recommended; I doubt you could finish this without them! Other game settings are up to you. There is only one map, so you can stop after you reach the end. This map is fairly difficult (you can die easily on easy) and is not for those with weak fingers. Also, I recommend you play with a friend. You can use gzdoom's built in networking, or this also works on ZDaemon and (I think) Zandronum. Alright. If you're gonna play this, you're gonna need to learn to dodge. Lots of fireballs everywhere. Yikes. This level also features all 3 different difficulties! Easy (Hey, not too rough), Medium (Hurt me plenty), and Hard (Ultra Violence). Easy is actually pretty easy, and I'm still dying on Medium. Hard is arguably the most fun to play, just watch your ammo. If you can't tell what difficulty you're on, look at the box in front of you at the start. The more skulls you see, the harder it is! You'll be starting with a Super Shotgun. Trust me, you need it. I dare you to go with the pistol for the first 10 seconds. And all that ammo at the start? Heh, you'll run through that in minutes. There are TONS of secrets you don't have to find (it makes for a realllllyyyyy looooooonggggg game), and yes, there IS a BFG. Good luck finding it. Oh, and you should save your ammo for the really tough fight at the end! I doubt you'll be able to dodge around to the exit. This map is very run-and-gun bullet hell, so have fun. If you can run, you shouldn't die. A little bit of a story? Well, you're running through a city in hell and... um... Yeah. Shoot the crap out of demons and that's about it. And run through some wicked cool caves and don't get burned by lava and watch out for those damn imps! Lemme shoot you some screenshots... Also, why not include a demo? This demo works with GZDoom version g3.2.5. I'll throw it in the .zip with the WAD file. You can watch it with: gzdoom.exe -iwad doom2 -file xiller.wad -playdemo demo.lmp Ok, I wasn't playing very well. What can I say? I recorded it at 11 pm right before this post, after a long day of work. Download the level and the demo: Xiller's Hellcity.zip Let me know what you think and if you beat Ultra Violence! (Those damn arachnotrons scare the crap out of me when they come out of nowhere) ~ Bucкsнoт Edit: I can see that y'all are shaming me for using Oblige. I had no idea what Oblige was until I saw your replies. After playing around with it this morning, I think it's very cool. An internet friend and I have been playing Doom together for a while and we decided to make some levels ourselves. He sent me a few maps he claimed he made, and I really liked the architecture. I directly copied it and threw together this huge level, and then I polished it up as best I could. He admitted this morning that he did use Oblige. Also, I'd like to point out that, although I've been building levels for a while now (been playing Doom for around 6 months, making random crappy little levels for around 5), I decided to join this forum just a few days ago, to get some help with a skybox and some things. What a warm welcome.
  2. Bucкsнoт

    Skyboxes without MAPINFO, GLDEFS, or dummy sectors?

    Oh, I see what you're saying. Thanks for the help.
  3. Bucкsнoт

    Skyboxes without MAPINFO, GLDEFS, or dummy sectors?

    If I put a replacement texture called SKY1, then places where F_SKY1 is used will just use the regular built-in sky texture (F_SKY1). However, if I rename SKY1 to RSKY1, it replaces it just fine. There is also no RSKY1 texture option in the editor. I might be missing your point here.
  4. Bucкsнoт

    Skyboxes without MAPINFO, GLDEFS, or dummy sectors?

    For some reason, in GZDoom at least, the texture replacement has to be called RSKY1... Shouldn't it be just SKY1?
  5. Bucкsнoт

    Skyboxes without MAPINFO, GLDEFS, or dummy sectors?

    Huh, that's interesting. I've tried that before and it never worked correctly. Just tried it again, and sure enough, it worked just fine. Gonna use this on my latest project, it's pretty easy to set up. Thanks.
  6. Bucкsнoт

    Skyboxes without MAPINFO, GLDEFS, or dummy sectors?

    I'd like to work with GZDoom, mainly. But I've seen it done with the vanilla Doom engine (Doom 1 e1m3 outdoors for one example, there's no mapinfo or anything and vanilla Doom doesn't have skybox viewpoint things).
  7. I've seen it done before. Google, who isn't much of any help for most things regarding doom map editing, unsurprisingly didn't turn up anything. Anyone know how?
  8. Bucкsнoт

    Flagging things in batch?

    Somehow I knew it was that easy. I'll give it a go.
  9. Bucкsнoт

    Flagging things in batch?

    First post! Yay! Hey y'all, I'm fairly new to the whole Doom scene. Just started playing middle of last year then I really got into map design. I've got this map I've been working on for months now, and it's almost ready. But I'm faced with a problem. I've got probably a couple hundred monsters on the map and I need them all to go deaf. I really don't want to replace all the monsters or things or go back and flag them all. That just doesn't work for me and I don't have the patience, but I'll go redo them if I have to. (also I'm like, ready to share this map so this needs to hurry up already) You want the story? Here's the story. Scroll down if you don't care and just want to answer me. I started testing my level, and several times, I kept thinking, "Wait a minute. I know I didn't make this many hell knights over here. Heck, there aren't more than two of these around for the next 10 rooms!" Later on this week I realized it was because they weren't deaf. I'm pretty sure, at least. I mean, what else would cause a room that is several rooms away to completely empty of its 6 hell knights, only for me to get ambushed in a tunnel by 12 when I only placed 2 in there? Wow, short story. I was wondering if there was a way to assign flags to things in batch? I think I could just go into the THINGS file and add those flags to literally everything cuz I don't need anything to be not-deaf, but I'm not sure how to do that. Any help would be appreciated!