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    Hello, I Need Great Help.

    I opened the program a few days ago to import some textures and got notified to update it to the newest version, I did, now it's on v 3.1.4 and no icons are showing up. I've tried redownloading older versions and the same problem is occuring.

    Hello, I Need Great Help.

    I am in need of assistance for a few things. I need to know how to create custom weapons, sounds, AND reload anims for them. Footsteps depending on what the player is standing on. (it's mostly just rock and dirt.) Not to mention that Slade seems to ignore half of the textures I import, hell Slade's recent update has broken to where I can't see any icons to tell what I'm doing. But most importantly, I need to know on how to make custom enemy sprites and script them to do different things like a Boomer from L4D or a Suicider from Dead Island. I apologize if this is a long list, I've been in development hell with this project since late 2016, the majority of youtube tutorials and Doom World articles I can find are either outdated or the download links for certain files are dead. I would greatly appreciate the help.

    Custom HUD?

    Would there be a way to make a custom HUD when using something like Slade 3?

    what are you working on? I wanna see your wads.

    Currently a tech demo for my future WAD Projekt Proxima
  5. The three images you see here is progress I'm making on a tech demo for my upcoming (hopefully) Doom WAD: PROJEKT PROXIMA. The textures used are not mine, the specific list: Nightmare 1 Nick Baker NMN Corporation Part 1 Pawel Zarczynski Set in an abandoned cloning lab on Mars, you wonder where everyone has gone only to find out that barely anyone survived, clones had broken out and nearly wiped the scientists at the lab completely out. You then find a security officer and his shotgun... now yours...

    How Would I Add Footstep Sounds if I'm Using UDMF?

    Links are busy, keeps redirecting me to an Error 429 on Dropbox. Are there other ways to add them without additionally downloading anything?
  7. Hi again! Initiate here, I'm (finally) making a tech demo for my Doom Wad PROJEKT PROXIMA, my current set up is using GZDoombuilder in UDMF and Slade v3 for WAD editing, I'm currently trying to figure out how to add custom reload animations and adding custom weapons, but I'm willing to put that aside to implement a simple thud for every step the character takes. Thanks.

    How Would I Implement Reloading Animations?

    Are there specific programs for sprite-editing/making? *Edit - I know about paint.net but was just wondering if there were any sort of specific tools for sprite making.
  9. I use UDMF format for GZDoomBuilder and know it's possible, but after countless hours of research I either come across videos that are way out of date or do not give clear instructions. Also it would be a big help to know if you can make custom weapon sprites in something like Slade 3, thanks.