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  1. Space Boss

    Share a random fact about yourself

    Want to be friends?
  2. Space Boss

    Share a random fact about yourself

    @Gaia74 @KVELLER Hey, spanish buddies! ¿Qué onda?
  3. Space Boss

    Searching for a video game

    Hey, that's awesome! Glad to be of help!
  4. Christ, this guy again! No, you can't have a favorite band. I know your intentions are good, but it just comes off as sad and pathetic. Here, listen to some real punk:
  5. Space Boss

    Searching for a video game

    I'm not sure about the game, but if you don't get any luck here a good place to ask is the r/tomt (tip of my tongue) subreddit. They can help you find old tv shows, movies or stuff like that that you don't remember.
  6. When I was a kid I just called him Doom since I didn't speak any English at the time.
  7. Space Boss

    Renaming The Baddies

    Whoever dealt it, named it?
  8. Space Boss

    fallout 76 sucks significantly less after a patch.

    I think Bethesda fucked the Fallout franchise so bad that I never ever want to see another Fallout game in my life.
  9. Space Boss

    What are some things that keep you going?

    My dad passed away this January, one day before my birthday (and that was also the day I joined Doomworld!), but I didn't found out until after my birthday. So yeah, it has been a shitty year for me. I didn't quite get super depressed, but life has not been okay in so many ways. That was until I started running. I get up every day at six and go running, Monday to Friday. Exercise has changed my outlook on life, now I can't imagine not doing it. I lost 10 pounds already and everyday I feel better and better about myself both physically and mentally. It makes my day so much better. My end goal is fitting in a Spider-Man costume next Halloween, and then maybe try the city marathon. I listen to Mick Gordon's soundtrack and boy, the calories start burning. If anyone wants a running buddy, hit me up!