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  1. So, where are you from?

  2. I see a lot of love for BFG Division, and it's too one of my favorites, but this little piece that plays during the lift ride up to VEGA is one of the most ominous things I've heard. For me it stands out from the rest of the soundtrack.
  3. Most Recent TV series and episode you last saw

    I've been giving Futurama a rewatch and I'm watching The Shield for the first time. Both are good.
  4. Stephen Hawking Has Died At Age 76

    I've been reading that he was born on Galileo's deathday and died on Einstein's birthday. Very fitting for an astrophysicist. This is one of the deaths that shook me up to my knees. Truly a great mind and will be deeply missed.
  5. So, how old are you ?

    I turned 26 last January. NOT joking either.
  6. Deimos Anomaly

    I guess that you could say that this was an Anomaly on Deimos Anomaly. I'll be here all week, folks.
  7. Share a random fact about yourself

    I imagine he's talking about spitting phlegm. I can't do it either.
  8. What about Powerslave?

    It could be since it's an egyptian themed FPS and the cover of the album has some pharaoh or something.
  9. Flaws in Doom 16'

    Yes, but he came back as a robot because science.
  10. Share a random fact about yourself

    This one's pretty much impossible to do. Don't give up now! I learned almost by accident when I was distracted in class.
  11. Share a random fact about yourself

    I learned to whistle when I was 22.
  12. It's from January, and I don't know if it has been posted here, but it has an interesting build up. It made me think of the potential Doom modding has for artistic self-expression. I'm not an artist, at least not in a conventional way, but mediums tend to change every once in a while and digital art is always evolving. What do you guys think? https://waypoint.vice.com/en_us/article/paq5bz/alt-doom-mod-stalker
  13. Where does The Ultimate Doom's Episode 4 Takes Places

    I think it was earth all along.
  14. The story behind your custom avatar

    It's Stare, by Jenny Saville. It's also the cover of Journal for Plague Lovers, an album by Manic Street Preachers. I use it because it reminds me of myself.