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  1. Space Boss

    What is like to live in your country or city?

    I live in Mexico City. It is the capital of my country, and living here has its ups and downs as it is expected from a big city. Traffic is a bitch wherever you go, so commuting by car is a test of your patience every day. Public transportation on the other hand is very cheap, but it is generally very unreliable and smells awful. People are cool, mostly. The weather is nice, heavy rains sometimes, but sunny also. Crime is sometimes an issue, but I can't complain since I've lived here 20+ years and still no ugly incidents. Overall I would say... 7/10?
  2. Space Boss

    The Doom Confessional Booth

    I called map08 "Trick or Treat" until about last year, when someone corrected me.
  3. Space Boss

    Your favorite MIDI songs?

    This guy does cool stuff in the vein of Doom II, this is his/her bandcamp: https://dialupformurder.bandcamp.com/ But if you're looking for stuff that's not quite so Doom-ish then here:
  4. Space Boss

    Who is Ray Davis?

    He was the lead singer, rhythm guitarist and main songwriter for the Kinks. I'm only kidding, of course; but I also want to know who this Ray Davis is.
  5. Space Boss

    The "stupid mod idea" thread

    Could this work if, let's say, Doomguy is a lawyer, and the jury is all made of Imps, and you have to set up a defense, and the judge is an Arch-vile?
  6. Space Boss

    Things about Doom you just found out

    He kinda looks like Mickey Mouse.
  7. Space Boss

    So, where are you from?

  8. Space Boss

    Which all tracks from the soundtrack is your favourite?

    I see a lot of love for BFG Division, and it's too one of my favorites, but this little piece that plays during the lift ride up to VEGA is one of the most ominous things I've heard. For me it stands out from the rest of the soundtrack.
  9. Space Boss

    Most Recent TV series you last saw

    I've been giving Futurama a rewatch and I'm watching The Shield for the first time. Both are good.
  10. Space Boss

    Stephen Hawking Has Died At Age 76

    I've been reading that he was born on Galileo's deathday and died on Einstein's birthday. Very fitting for an astrophysicist. This is one of the deaths that shook me up to my knees. Truly a great mind and will be deeply missed.
  11. Space Boss

    So, how old are you ?

    I turned 26 last January. NOT joking either.
  12. Space Boss

    Deimos Anomaly

    I guess that you could say that this was an Anomaly on Deimos Anomaly. I'll be here all week, folks.
  13. Space Boss

    Share a random fact about yourself

    I imagine he's talking about spitting phlegm. I can't do it either.
  14. Space Boss

    What about Powerslave?

    It could be since it's an egyptian themed FPS and the cover of the album has some pharaoh or something.