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  1. Best Boss Battle

    Yeah, the marine kills the head hauncho of hell and gets a free ticket back to earth. That just sucks. Oh, and shouldn't he be a walking zombie in the second game, since technically you've already died in the first game? I agree, it's all screwed up, but all games or movies will have screw ups now and then.
  2. Best Boss Battle

    You die, you got to hell. The second episode is still in hell. The Demios base floats above it. When you die, thats where you get sent to.
  3. Favorite Doom Levels

    It's not just you. I did lose a post. :P This was originally in the general forum, so I posted another topic in here for people to reply to instead. That topic got deleted and the one in the general forum got moved here. No harm done in that. I'm glad the mods done that. :) Actually the reason I wanted to do this post was because I wanted to remake a Doom level in another game like Unreal Tournament or something like that. And I wanted to find out what map most people liked, but it looks like most like the majority of the maps. So, I guess it wouldn't matter then. ;)
  4. Favorite Doom Levels

    Yeah, I know. But thats okay. Thanks for the posting up those links, NiGHTMARE. :)
  5. Favorite Doom Levels

    Only if you can clean up after. What's a DOLT?
  6. Favorite Doom Levels

    No problem.
  7. Favorite Doom Levels

    Smileys? How did they get there!?! It's must be that avatar! It done it. I didn't even realize I had that many. Not just any newbie,...a "Cool Newbie" Anyway, back on topic I suppose...
  8. Favorite Doom Levels

    Sure thing Liam. :) I should get flammed for my avatar? Haha :D, I suppose so, thats fine by me. :P Thanks for the reply though. :)
  9. Favorite Doom Levels

    Come on guys, you don't seem very friendly to me. I'm sorry I posted in the wrong forum. But this was a general forum about Doom, and I didn't see there was a poll forum. As for having a million post like this before, I'm a newer member and havent posted much so I haven't seen any of these posts yet. Again, I apologize for posting in the wrong forum, but you could try to be a little more helpful. If there was already a poll about this, someone could have at least given me a link instead of dishing out those small rude comments.
  10. Favorite Doom Levels

    Whats everyones favorite Doom levels? I just wanted to know which original maps are the most popular. :) My pics are... Favorite Doom level: E3M9 - Warrens Favorite Doom2 level: Map 18 - The Courtyard
  11. Master Levels for Doom II

    Yes, I guess it is more for collecting. I would just love to play maps. But, I was sort of looking for maps that remind me of the originals. The collectors edition doesn't have them. Only Ultimate Doom, Doom II, and Final Doom. I have all them already. I was just looking for more 'official' levels.
  12. Women and Doom...

    Hey! I think I'm getting that game for Christmas. I'm sure it will be awesome. I don't pay much attention to ratings anyway. Finally someone who agrees with me. If a game is fun, it doesn't matter how it looks. I have a hard time getting people to believe that.
  13. the best port: please help me zdoomgl

    Did you read my entire post? I know my main question was which port was the best. But that's probably a decision that I'll have to judge for myself. But the question that I wanted anwsered was I had problems with ZDoomGL and Legacy. I put that in my subject line. Please reread my topic and try and help me. Thanks for the link though.
  14. Women and Doom...

    I'm glad I can talk to girls or guys who like games on the internet. I'm just as lonely as half of the other prople on here. None of my friends like games that much. The girls who I [used to]talk to usually say "You still play games?", then they follow up with "I grew out of that stage years ago." Boy!, do I hate to hear that. Of course one time I did manage to meet a girl who was fascinated by FPS games. I'm sure Doom was one of her favorites like mine. :D Only one friend likes games as much as I do, and he doesn't share the same interest I do with Doom. And Red Warrior you sound a lot like me when it comes to games and stuff. I'm the odd guy. I get a lot of flak about what games I like. "You like kiddy games! haha" What wrong with liking cute games or toys. Pokemon and Powerpuff Girls. "I AM MOJO JOJO!" They're all cool to me. (I'll probably get a bad rep about that here. ;P Please don't hate me. ;) ) They go good with all the other gory stuff I like too. I have a great mix of intrests don't I? ^_^ I want one of those Nemesis figurines from RE3. Always thought he was cool. He reminded me of what Undertaker used to be like on WWF.
  15. Master Levels for Doom II

    uh,..ok. :) I am looking to buy the game if it is still available for purchase. Does any one know where I can buy it. I can't even find the sucker from file-sharing programs. I need my daily dose of DOOM. ;P