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  1. Really really amazing mod concept, the corruption of the maps that get more and more screwed up give me the same feelings of unease that something like lippeth.pk3 did (I know there's back and forth between that mod, but to me it always unsettled me because of how absolutely corrupted it looked, this basically turned that concept to 11) the one thing I've seen some people mention is about the ending. Incredibly great mod for Halloween, bravo!
  2. DoomedFox

    Bad Luck Bootsy: Board James Weapons Pack (Available Now)

    Have you shown this to James Rolfe yet? This is such a fun mod that's pretty faithful to the show!
  3. DoomedFox

    creepy & surreal map wads?

    First thing that does come to mind is unhinged by Jack101, it kinda becomes way more action packed around the end and the monsters may look goofy but the first part of this wad is purely creepy. The way you get to "happy hell" is pretty cool though, very silent hill-y https://www.doomworld.com/idgames/levels/doom2/Ports/s-u/unhinged
  4. DoomedFox

    Saltiest Doom moment that you recall?

    Those moments when you are getting away from something and a Spectre not only blocks you from moving and you can't see them but somehow shaves off large ammounts of health off in 2 bites and a well shot imp fireball ends you. Then you forgot to save a map back cause you were in the zone.
  5. I have a question, When is there gonna be a weapons only version? I love how you made the weapons feel so different yet still maintain how they work normally. The SSG animation is a nice touch!
  6. DoomedFox

    Terrible Names For Things In Doom

    I called mancubus's "fat shot leading asshole(s)" and then I used to call revenants "bone boys" before a friend called them "irate boners" and kept the latter as a name. to think of it I call any monster who gets a lucky shot in a Ahole so ehhhh.
  7. I know someone made a custom intermission map for E4 for Doom eons ago and someone else planned to make a D2 version as well but it would take a lot of effort and code magic to get a scrolling doom 1 style intermission map for D2.
  8. DoomedFox

    What is your "Doom Niche"?

    I can dodge cyberdemon rockets head on by just tapping to the left and right, only works when I'm in a open space though.
  9. DoomedFox

    What does Doomworld think about veggie burgers?

    I've had em, it's food. Smells like meat, tastes like meat, but it's better for me I guess. What's really interesting is there's these patties at lidl near me called corn burgers. It's just burger patties but they're made of corn, It's kinda good.
  10. DoomedFox

    PsyDoom 1.1.1 - PSX Doom port (reverse engineered) for PC

    Im glad the sound distortion/crackle issues have been fixed as those kept me from really diving further into this port. Cause I am LOVING this port already and its shaping up to be the one way to play PSX doom without a emulator. Only issue is how do i get to the config file for keymapping? I tried going into my AppData folder and it seems like windows 8.1 really wants to bury it far into the system. Is there a possiblity that the config file could just generate in the folder\directory PsyDoom.exe resides in for easy access? or is there a planned expansion to the controls\video\compatibilty settngs in the future?
  11. DoomedFox

    POOM - a Pico8 recreation of Doom

    Far as I know the Kickstarter didn't reach it's target goal and the project was cancelled and abandoned without any news about it. Sucks too since the style looked pretty nice.
  12. DoomedFox

    Which sourceport do you use the most and why?

    I use lzdoom for most of my duties since I don't own a beefy pc atm plus a few mods that keep things vanilla but enhance a few details like mirrored corpses. But I do use crispy doom/doom retro for even more vanilla play if the pwad prefers it.
  13. DoomedFox

    What's The Worst Doom Map To You

    E1M10: Sewers. I like 1994 wads but man does it stink. It still boggles my mind how it ended up in the Xbox ports.
  14. DoomedFox

    What is a 'Terry WAD'?

    Recipe for a terry wad: 1>Make a map that looks nice and put effort into it, showing you have potential but choose not to use it. 2>Make the next room open into a room with some dillweeds face or some explict images plastered everywhere 3> scream really loudly into the mic and put text that says some obscene stuff that I can't post here on doomworld. Cook until it's burnt and force it into the gullet of the idgames archive and done.
  15. DoomedFox

    Which game currently destroys you?

    Ive been mucking with PS1.3 on and off, its a systems/study sim of the 747 line of airliners, while i know there's addons for Xplane, MSFS that are of the same quality, there's something so charming of a full fledged simulator of a jumbo jet in DOS that is intriguing with some nice pixel art for the panels to match. I found it on Myabandonware eons ago which sadly it was taken down and replaced with a link to the much more newer version, but I managed to snag boxed copies of the original and 1.3 update and back up a easy to start dosbox setup I made myself onto a Cd-r. In what's beating my ass in it its mostly learning the remaining systems in the FMC and other bits and bobs that work the plane out.