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  1. DXGL seems to work well with it (including fixing a few graphic errors) on windows 8. Not sure if it will work the same way in windows 10 but I only went and played Doom95 as a curiosity.
  2. map30 In doom 2, the amount of bass in the opl version was goose-bump inducing the first time I played it and it still gives me chills hearing it on repeated playthroughs.
  3. Ive been working on a castle themed map for roughly 4 days on and off. So far this is my favorite image of showing it off to friends.
  4. I use a mixture of source ports but if I really had to choose I would pick Crispy Doom, its the small visual details you can enable in the crispness settings that make me love it even more.
  5. 1. I play doom 2 on Hurt Me Plenty because it feels balanced in terms of difficulty. (yet I play doom 1 on Ultra-Violence) 2. I actually enjoy doom95's launcher, wish it could have been used in more source ports.