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  1. luckyjack

    Best FPS game (Aside from Doom)

    Quake is one of my fav games, but I found syndicate casino games that pays bitcoin and now I can play them for hours. These games are perfect if yu want to win some extra coins fast. Plus they are entertaining.
  2. luckyjack

    Most recent movie you saw

    Wounds - a bad bar fight leads to a bartender finding a phone with disturbing images and then his world unravels into a WTF ending that makes you wonder if it was brilliant or utter guff. 5/10...would give it another mark just for Zazie Beetz, she's rather lovely in this.
  3. luckyjack

    I need inspiration for a story

    Same here, I'm looking for the inspiration to start writing my essay. It became a real nightmare for me.
  4. luckyjack

    Most recent movie you saw

    The Laundromat Not particularly coherent and pretty flat overall. For the amount of talent on screen, this is definitely a disappointment, felt like it was trying to be The Big Short in places but it didn't do a particularly good job at explaining things either.
  5. luckyjack

    Let's trade Youtubers!

    I like LobosJr - Gaming channel. Very natural host that I enjoy because it doesn't feel like he's trying to be someone else or is doing anything for attention. He just enjoys what he does and is a likeable person. Also often watch Rob Dyke - Channel with various themes, mostly murder, creepy facts and horror. Always good content. Honest host with a good heart. Some of my fav videos I download to rewatch them. I found how to save youtube for free recently. Never thought it could be so easy.
  6. luckyjack

    Most recent movie you saw

    Watchmen 7.5/10 Best superhero film I have seen. Very dark, good dialogue, complex story and very gritty. No constant wisecracking from the characters either. Far better than all the generic marvel rubbish.
  7. luckyjack

    Random Video Thread

    I love to watch funny youtube videos, some of them I even download for my home collection. I found download guide about how to download YouTube video in 720p or 1080p HD formats. YouTube videos always cheer me up
  8. luckyjack

    What are you listening to?

    Khalid - Talk
  9. luckyjack

    Bitcoin is over $200 per coin

    I think it could be the world's currency as Bitcoins is just a representation of value. I'm interested in investing in crypto and try to follow the latest news. Not so long ago I found info about Cipher Technologies company that is focused delivering uncorrelated returns on digital assets. Want to use their help to reduce the risks.