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  1. Error-404

    Best video game ever (that's not DOOM)?

    It would have to be minecraft, Undertale, or team fortress 2. Showing my age lol
  2. No love for honey mustard in this thread? I thought better of you, Doomworld. But mcnuggets are the weakest fast food nugget. Proper fried chicken joints have the superior nuggets. Although this might just be my Popeyes favoritism coming out.
  3. Error-404

    React To The Profile Pic Above You

    Sniffin glue again?
  4. Error-404

    How are you guys doing on this late night?

    It's 1 am. I am scrolling through doomworld. I have an exam on Friday I have to take a 3 hour drive to take. I have assignments due tomorrow. I am trying not to think about it.
  5. Error-404

    What does GZ in GZDoom mean?

    If we keep shitposting maybe Graf will bless us with an explanation GadZooks Doom
  6. Error-404

    [GZDooM] MooD Beta

    I like your skull texture, but I wish it were seamless. The brash lines where the texture repeats is a pet peeve.
  7. People posting music genres and pop songs they don't like are missing the point, post music that's actively and objectively painful to listen to:
  8. Alternative title for this thread: "Doomers shit on the Beatles"
  9. Error-404

    How do you get someone to play test your WADs?

    No rush mate, it's short and nothing special Turns out you can't remove embeds on mobile too
  10. Ew Google drive I know Here's a rough version of the first level. Don't worry, it's not gonna be just SS the whole way through, I'm probably just going to use them in lieu of zombiemen in later levels. EDIT: PLANNED CHANGES Berserk instead of chainsaw Shotgun earlier in map Chainsaw replaces shotguns in armory
  11. Error-404

    How do you get someone to play test your WADs?

    Alright, I appreciate it! I'll post the first map of something I'm working on and y'all can roast the hell out of it, lmao
  12. I've been making maps for a bit now, and almost all the advice I've seen says to get someone to play test your maps, but I've been struggling to get more than maybe one person to try it. Is there a method you fine folks use to get a few fresh sets of eyes on your WADs?
  13. Error-404

    What's the deal with the sailor

    I was making a WAD that uses Wolfenstein ss and got curious as to what they were like in Freedoom. I'm clearly missing a joke, care to explain?
  14. Obligatory "Shoot at it until it dies"