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Everything posted by Error-404

  1. Error-404

    Doom the Way id Did

    Original art in menus and level overviews is nice. The cyberdemon fight is more fair, and the maps are fun if you don't expect too much. Good as the original.
  2. Error-404

    Doom movie thoughts?

    It's an OK movie, but it's not a good Doom movie
  3. Error-404

    Is freedoom guy supposed to look like Karl Urban?

    Good, thought I was going nuts
  4. Error-404

    Doom movie thoughts?

    This but the whole movie is in first person
  5. Error-404

    Gzdoom doom ii bug

    When playing the Doom 2 iwads on gzdoom, I have issues with see through level geometry?
  6. Error-404

    Is Doom Abandonware?

    Steam notwithstanding, is a game that hasn't been updated since the mid 90s abandoned?
  7. Error-404

    Is Doom Abandonware?

    How to delete an entire forum thread Oh wait this isn't google PS. I have legal copies now
  8. Error-404

    Is Doom Abandonware?

    K. Guess I'll delete the files I got my bad
  9. Error-404

    Is Doom Abandonware?

    Thanks guys. I was joking around about pirating doom. Guess I did actually? Oopsies
  10. Error-404

    The Official 'Trying to Find a Specific WAD' Thread

    Ah, thanks! My search didn't turn up anything. Guess I'm just dumb
  11. Error-404

    The Official 'Trying to Find a Specific WAD' Thread

    Anyone know where to find Marine Doom?
  12. Error-404

    Wads and mods recommendations?

    What WADs or mods would you recommend to a newbie, possibly running Freedoom?
  13. Error-404

    The Official 'Trying to Find a Specific WAD' Thread

    I vaguely remember seeing a wad called "Fistful of Doom" or something along those lines in a YouTube video. It was cowboy themed?
  14. Error-404

    Which monster would you say is your least favorite?

    Chain gunners can shove that thing up their ass and wind up
  15. Error-404

    Having trouble getting wads to work?

    Thanks! That really helped.
  16. Error-404

    Having trouble getting wads to work?

    Hey guys, I'm having trouble getting an old ass wad to work. I'm on the mobile version, can y'all help me out? I tap the file and it just sends me back to the default launch screen