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  1. Sorry guys but I've gotta get feed back off forum users. If you don't mind, please comment. The text was inspired by The SomethingAwful rules section

    Forum Rules ::: Introduction:
    - Why the fuck does this cool site need rules?
    These forums were crafted over the course of seven days, first came the idea, then came the staffing, then came four days of painstaking creation. On the seventh day we rested and chatted. During this time we likened ourselves to God, he created the world in seven days and likewise, we created this kick-ass forum. Unfortunately for God, his creation was screwed up in a matter of weeks -- or seconds to God -- by Adam and Eve, that¡¦s when we realised the same could happen to our creation. We spent the last hours of the seventh day creating Rules for the forum. Breaking any of these rules will result in your asses being removed from these forums, like Adam and Eve¡¦s were from Eden (Or be crippled -- restricted to only The Stupid Bastard Forums -- like our friend the snake.)

    - So what are the rules?
    The three big ones are:
    1) Don¡¦t be a pussy. Yes people are going to swear on these forums and not everyone will be ¡¥PC¡¦ or have the same opinion as you. If someone is maliciously targeting you, unless you are a retard, they will usually be punished but don¡¦t use the ¡¥Report¡¦ button for that, PM the mod of that forum. Only use the ¡¥Report¡¦ button for PORN, RACIST REMARKS or DISTURBING IMAGES -- unless you only use the Stupid Bastards Forum.
    2) Don¡¦t be an asshole. Flaming newbie¡¦s or racist remarks will not be taken lightly. Flaming a newbie is a Stupid Bastard offence, a racist comment is a Banning offence unless you are obviously joking. DO NOT write in Leet Speak because we can't FuCk1|\|6 u|\|D3r574|\|d u! We don't want to decipher your garbage, the same goes for phonetic speaking, unless it is Standard English, RP.
    3) Don't piss in our pool. Do we piss in your pool? Well then don¡¦t post shit on our forums. Posting Porn and Disturbing Images from Rotton.com is a Stupid Bastard offence, as is posting anything over 500 x 700. Any threads which spam or teleport the hapless victim to a hostile site or pop-up hell are a Banning offence and no, they're not fucking funny.

    - Stupid Bastards and Asylum? Wtf?
    You can post on Stupid bastards any time. It is the only place you can post gruesome or naughty, you can even have racist images (not comments though). But once you have been exiled to Stupid Bastards you cannot post on anything else and the mod- fearing, rule follower's posts will disappear. You'll be trapped alone with all your retard buddies. After a set period of time you will be freed to screw it up again; three Stupid Bastard offences is a ban.
    The Asylum is where the bad and the insane posts go to rot. If you are a regular Asylum contributor you are either a newbie or a moron. Five consecutive posts is a Ban.

    General Conduct Whilst Posting

    The titles of the forums give away vital clues to what you should be posting there. E.g. Gaming Forums only accept Game related posts -- they do not accept "How Big is Your Penis? Polls." If you are not sure what to post in a certain forum you should lurk and check out what everyone else is posting if you feel you can contribute join in. If you have nothing of substance, utility or comical value to say; Fuck Off. It's as easy as that.

    „« When posting do not post threads with titles non-related to the threads themselves. That defies the point of our Tag system and confuses newbies.
    „« Flames and Trolls will not be tolerated.
    „« You should post a minimum of 5 words at least, one word (heh) or punctuation posts (?) will be deleted on sight. The maximum is 5,000.
    „« Do not double post or repeat threads, If your threads have been deleted and you resurrect them you will be banned.
    „« Rants about religion bashing whether anti-Christian or anti-Satanist will be deleted unless they are friendly or interesting (or mildly humorous).
    „« ¡§I¡¦m a furry,¡¨ or ¡§I¡¦m a newbie¡¨ posters will be banned on sight. Nobody cares.

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    2. rf`


      Arioch said:

      Die furries die.

      Yeah I love you too.

    3. Arckra


      Arioch said:

      Die furries die.

      *huggles* o.o I love you too.

      *cough* I'm confused.. in general..

      Anyhow, as for the rules. Whatever floats your boat eh? O.o I guess...

    4. Danarchy


      Troll not lest ye be trolled thyself.