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  1. A week ago if you'd have seen me you would have seen; a long untamable hair, baggy jeans, destroyed DC's footware, XXL T-shirt (on a S body) and a faded black hoody.

    Well I lost a game of poker with my dad, (My 4-Aces against his Royal Flush--Texas Hold'em) and now I'm yearing plain shirts, ties, Loake footware, sport jackets, trousers and (my personal favourite) The Trilby (hat).

    Sadly my hair could not be present to witness the transformation, it's sacrifice shall be remembered.

    Personally I enjoy my new look, it looks respectable and it feels great. I enjoy walking down the street and getting respect from the elderly and having the youths stare in disbelief.
    Even if they laugh; their opinions aren't important anyway.

    Has anyone else undergone such a transformation?

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    2. Scabbed Angel

      Scabbed Angel

      Janderson said:

      Personally I enjoy my new look

      Oh Dear God no! He was so young! :.(

    3. DooMBoy


      I've never been into wearing whatever fashion dictates - I've always just worn jeans (I used to wear shorts waaaay on back in the day, but not anymore) and a T-Shirt, and a pair of shoes or boots. Nothing special, nothing flashy, just comfortable and down to earth.
      I've always kept my hair short, and I really should shave every day but I'm too lazy to. Heh, back when I was 20 I grew a beard and did THAT ever go over well with my mom and pop, they all but disowned me all because of a little facial hair. So I shaved off the beard, and now I'm back to shaving every three or four days, though as I said before I should do it every day.
      I've always been tall and thin, no change to that either :)

    4. Gokuma


      I'm wearing a loincloth.