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  1. Thanks to my dismal grades, I'm forced to go through some changes. I'm a simple person who is easily distracted. I have decided, to give up guitaring, skating and Doomworld.

    This place is cool, it's well moderated, it's clean and usually retard free.

    Much to many of your dissapointment, I will return, but not for long. I'm thankful of yoursupport and advice and I'm sorry if I've been a dick. You've been intelligent and funny.

    I'll be gone by September, perhaps even before then.

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    2. Lord FlatHead

      Lord FlatHead

      Hah. He thinks he can leave. Silly humans.

    3. Sephiroth


      no one can escape hell... i mean doomworld. i am going back to school, however only part time. this time i am gonna bust ass like never before.

    4. Laguna


      POTGIESSER said:

      You can leave us, but we never truly leave you. You'll be back eventually. Enjoy your vacation from us. =-) Remember to get some ladies.

      I tried to leave, too. Look for Astewart41. You can't escape the beckoning Doomworld shouts out to your ears.