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  1. I'm back and I'm now eighteen. I've now got the worst hangover and Doom3 doesn't work on my laptop, I keep being shot with bb pellets I'm addicted to 'Canon in D minor' and mints(laxative effects and stuff), I'm over £300 in debt at school poker and I'm thinking to myself; it's pretty damn good to be alive.

    I don't know why I'm so optimistic now but my outlook on life seems to have turned 180.

    So how are you? What's your outlook? What, in your opinion, are the benefits of optimism or pessimism?

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    2. The Ultimate DooMer

      The Ultimate DooMer

      It depends on past experiences. In Real-Life(tm), nothing good ever happens to me (away from leisure stuff) so pessimism rules quite naturally. If something positive does happen then optimism comes in. (quite rare, but it has kept the last 2 Crimbo's the way they should be)

      In fact it's almost like that Confidence/Paranoia theory off Red Dwarf...

    3. Bucket


      Meh. I just tend to think everything balances itself out in the end. Whether that's optimistic or pessimistic depends on the situation.

    4. Danarchy


      Melfice said:

      You need to stop bitching about high school. Know why? Because when you get out, you're going to quickly find you wish you were still there. You're going to deny this, but it's going to happen. Enjoy it while you can.

      This is very true. My years in high school were the best three years of my life. When it was all over, all Hell broke loose. My life, which had been completely structured for me the past 12 years, has suddenly fallen entirely into my own hands, something I couldn't (and still can't) quite comprehend. I also lost very many friends. I have probably around 4-5 dozen friends during high school, but this being a rather rich community, most of them were able to afford universities and completely left the area. It was rather shocking for me to go from meeting with freinds of mine daily to going weeks without anyone to talk to. Luckily, most of my best friends are just as poor and lacking in ambition as me, so we've all stayed together and I think I've actualy grown much closer to them as a result.

      Getting back on topic though, I'd say I'm very much an optimist. Life is just so wonderful and there are so many beautiful things in it that there is really nothing to be upset about. Hell, I've even found light in my apparent manic depression. I've found it to be a wonderful spectrum sampling of moods and emotions. Also, despite the fact that I've failed attempts at attending college and holding a job, I still cannot think of anything to do with my life, and the girl I love doesn't feel the same about me, I've been having a rather wondeful time as of late.

      On a side note, I've found pot to me a most emotionaly stimulating drug. It has helped me to put everything in perspective and find the path to true happiness.