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  1. Ok, I came up with this joke a few minutes ago, any relation to other jokes are purely coincidental.

    A pair of Gyrodactylus unicopula meet up in a singles bar,
    They fall in love on the spot and spend the whole night talking, talking about family, talking about hobbies, you get the picture.
    At last one of the unicopula plucks up its courage and says, 'Your Plaice or mine.'

    Bibliography: Some parasites of plaice Pleuronectes platessa L. in three different farm environments

    Thank you for witnessing my comedic birth.

    Edit:: I notice replies to this are coming a little slowly, I understand that my joke might be a little over-reaching so I will clear up a few things.

    I am not sure but I think those parsites in particular are asexual leading the more logical members of our community to become insulted and therefore not find the joke funny. My solution is this; just pretend that they are sexual! None of your scientist friends will ever know you laughed at this joke, unless you tell them it but you could always say, 'yea but for the purposes of the joke just PRETEND they are sexual beings.

    I also understand that these creatures can't really lalk and that there are not yet any singles bars in the sea, but until there are just pretend.

    Your Plaice or mine? = your place or mine?
    In case you didn't know this is the punchline, get it now? Haha!
    In case you are still in doubt I have italliced and underlined the phrase.

    Oh yea, and for those of you who did not read the bibliography, Gyrodactylus unicopula is a parasite of the Plaice.