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  1. Well I signed up for Tescos but I only made it to the waiting list. Not bad, I would find constructive ways to pass the time... like getting some info that the Job Center asked for.

    So I phone my last employers. Now these guys said they had taken me off the rota because the winter months were coming, despite the fact I was the only one getting this break, I thought; fair enough. I never worked there again, turns out I scared the shit out of my coworkers.

    Any how I phoned the guy (his name has been omitted);

    A: Hello.
    Me: Hi, who's speaking.
    A: Heh, that depends. Who's asking?
    Me: James. I used to work here.
    A: I'm busy.
    Me: I just want to ask /Hangs up.

    At first I was amused, but since time was not my side I had to call back later;

    A: Hello?
    Me: Howdy, anyway, I'd like to know the total days I -
    A: Who are you?
    Me: James, from before.
    A: Are you the one thy called ... Janderson?
    Me: Yup. (wtf?) Are you still busy?
    A: Yes -
    Me: Good, this won't take a minute. (I ask him my questions)
    A: (laughing) That was ages ago... It'll take me hours to find.
    Me: Use your Archives.
    A: I'll do it next week.
    Me: I need it by Thursday.
    A: Tough, I'm on holiday /hangs up.

    It would have been plausible if I hadn't been talking to him on his office phone, which is right beside the date-filed records.

    When my Mum heard of this, because she's on a mission to save me from the gutter, she called him herself. He told her someone else dealt with that information, but refused to give her the phone number of said person, told her he fired me for not arriving at work because of hang over, which is straight-up-bullshit, because:
    a) I never missed work, even when I did have that hang over.
    b) Insiders told me I was fired for terrifying my coworkers.
    c) He never fired me.
    d) He never told anybody else to fire me.

    Strike One.

    Later, my lil'sis gives me a message from Tescos saying to call them back. My spirits raised I tap the number into my phone. And the guy on the other side says it was a wrong number. So I dial it slowly making sure to hit the right numbers, what did I hear?

    'I told you before, this not Tescos, no! Whatcha...? (mixture of loud noises and fuzz as we break up) Bu.... ha....gut.........What?' /hangs up.

    Strike Two.

    So I went down to Tescos Recruitment Center, and asked the guy;

    Me: Hey I tried to call Tesco before, but there appears to be an angry man at the end of the line. Could you please correct this number?
    (I hand him a peice of paper with the wrong number on it.
    Guy: Would you like the Tescos building number, or the recruitment number, we don't know the building number.
    Me: Then I'll have the Recruitment Center's number.
    Guy: We don't know that number either.
    Me: .................................. Um, well does the number on the paper look familliar?
    Guy: (barely glances) I don't know.

    Strike Three. You may be disappointed and unsurprised to find that I did nothing, the strike count only means I am to disheartened to do anything but hate phones. I've never trusted them myself, mainly because I always get the wrong number and shouted at be pissed off old men.

    Anyway, from now on I'll Job Seek in person.

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    2. Amaster


      I was expecting a furry-related phone mod.

    3. NightmareZer0


      Amaster said:

      I was expecting a furry-related phone mod.

      Haha! Me too!

    4. Fletcher`


      Amaster said:

      I was expecting a furry-related phone mod.

      For Jdoom AND Zdoom.. Such high expectations