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  1. Whew results come through today. I'll either be punishing the booze in celebration and gloating, or I'll be punishing myself and whining.

    May mercy be upon your souls.


    Um wow, they were the most boring results I've ever seen... looks like I'll be doing neither.

    English - (as)D - (a)D - better than expected.
    Biology - (as)U - (a)E - lucky to have gotten that IMO.
    Relig - (as) C (a)D - less than I expected.

    Just what I needed as well.

    Hmm, could have gone worse... and I never pass up the chance to drink strong spirits in the morning... so there!

    1. Bucket


      Heh, it's like my high school days.

      Q1: D
      Q2: F
      Q3: F
      Q4: D

      WOO! I PASSED!