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  1. When I sent eddie a wrong photo on msn I decided to take advantage of the situation. Here is the most recent conversation;

    Eddie says: have you honestly met lindsay lohan?
    Janderson says: Yea, why?
    Eddie says: word.
    Janderson says: word?
    Eddie says: keep seein her on tinternet
    Eddie says: she's quite high celeb
    Janderson says: get out
    Eddie says: lol
    Eddie says: 'strue
    Eddie says: men home page, lindsay lohan
    Eddie says: yahoo home page, lindsay lohan
    Janderson says: I'll check it out,
    Janderson says: Ok, how about we try Google?
    Eddie says: go-on
    Janderson says: ... uh
    Eddie says: only 1.5 million search results
    Janderson says: shit?
    Janderson says: no way

    You see I had told him that the photo is of a girl I met on the internet, in a Hannibal Lector forum or something. I told him she had argued with me because she found my views on him questionable, we ended up talking on msn and found we actually had a lot in common, blah, blah, blah.

    Sadly he hadn't heard of Lohan until recently, so I decidedto make him believe we were in some kind of relationship, so that when face to face the beans were spilled we could have have a good old laugh. Unfortunately no matter how many hints I dropped, he wouldn't take the bait and thought she was mrs plain. Anyway I forgot how I wanted this little mess-about to end and it became less funny by the second.

    To announce that she was a celebrity and that I had been faking it looks VERY sad, which, I'll admit, I am. It went on for so long that my self image was replaced by Eddie's; I felt bad about telling him I'd been fooling and lying to him the whole time.

    So now the cat is firmly shut in the bag, or dead...Well, it isn't coming out. Not now that I've met up with her in Disneyland Paris, am taking it slow and visiting her in New York at Christmas!
    Anyway, now he's found out that she's famous this tomfoolery can only take me to new lows. I'm just trying to let it slip out of his memory.

    Yay! Done anything similar? that ended up in similar circumstances?

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    2. Janderson


      Heh, is that good or bad? I never saw the Katarhyne stuff, got a link for history's sake?

    3. Fletcher`


      Janderson said:

      Heh, is that good or bad? I never saw the Katarhyne stuff, got a link for history's sake?

      SHE'S A MAN, BABY!

    4. Piezo


      There's a guy I know on MSN that always bugs me all of the time. When he logs on, he'll say "hey," whether he was actually going to start a conversation or not. I got kind of tired of it so one afternoon I entered the text "YIFF! YIFF! YIFF1 OH GOD! YIFF! *GASP* YIFF!" so when he got on and said "hey" I would hit enter and make him think I'm a furry to freak him out a little bit so that he'd stop bugging me. Unfortunately he didn't even know what it meant, much less what a furry was, so he totally ruined my joke. :'(