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  1. Early September back in 2k5,
    What an awesome time to be alive,
    Lots of boozing - what a night.

    Went out last night with cousin and papa with Leicester's first team rugby players (Lions Tigers and Vipers, oh my). Rounds were bought; I had a few shots of absynthe (one of the nicest drinks ever) and plenty more beer. My dad introduced me to plenty of players and tried to hook me up with an ex-Miss England Finalist, (good luck dad) well my repulsive body and reclusive conversational skills soon scared her and her friend off, much to my cousin's disappointment, cuz he was toadying with the best of 'em.

    Since I failed to lose my virginity there and then my dad exiled me from the party, so I went willingly with cousin in tow to explore the fruits of Leicester. So we wandered the disgusting streets, pissing in alleys as we went, when we happened to a Subway sandwich place. He devoured the sarney in record time I stuffed mine in my pocket, where it fused with the paper to form some kind of horrid goo.

    After that I spent 4 hours glowering and wishing it would all end in a nightclub, where I was in the company of giant female monstrosities and ugly single men dancing alone. Oh well, at least I can honestly say I wasn't trying. Of course even if I was it wouldn't have worked because the smoke machines hid everything from view most of the time. Strangely I left believing that it was an interesting and worthwhile experience, go figure.

    We then walked for miles to find a Taxi point, a McDonald’s cola and my arranged evacuation point. Now that brought back memories; walking for miles in Lake District, pissed, not a clue where you’re going and with hardly any purpose because bastards gave you the wrong mountain top or wood, ah Good Times.

    All in all an 8/10 night out. It needed more mischief and perhaps a fight.

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    2. Kid Airbag

      Kid Airbag

      As far as beers go I tend to prefer the way Coors Light tastes for some reason.

      But seriously if you're going to get drunk there's no excuse to not just pound some Beast.

    3. Janderson


      Meh, I liked this night because it wasn't a perfect one, I'm not used to things going right when I drink and it inspired good memories. In this shit pot (Leicester) good memories are hard to find 'cause I hate it so. And that is why I blogged this one.

    4. Bucket


      Leicester Square?
      When I went there, I saw a huge 2-level outside market. There were performers outside and it seemed like an interesting place to be.

      You could, I don't know, throw feces at the violinists and tackle the jugglers.

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