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  1. How frustrating... I was just sitting there, minding my own business, then my throat tightens up against my larynx and starts hurting like holy hell. I started trying to swallow because usually it clicks my oesophagus back to normal, but this made it hurt more, as did moving my head, speaking, and groanong in pain because I tried to groan in pain, which was met with pain. (pain in my whole throat and the left side of my lower jaw, like my teeth were trying to pull themselves out of my face.)

    After a quick google I found that the trick was to stay calm and that I had either random spasms, tonsilitis or throat cancer. So being the hypochondriac I am, I was calmed by this cheery eDiagnosis. But the worst of it was I was going to be driving this afternoon. Driving, the only thing in this hell-city I look forward to.

    I made up my mind to see the local GP immediately, so that I'd be back in time for my driving lesson at three. So I set about locking the house. My dogs saw I was in pain so they calmly wanderd into the garden, lovely. When I open my front door the driving instructer is there (Oh shit, the lessons at one!) He clearly thought I was just ditching him since I stuttered a lot and was trying to hold my teeth in instead of my throat. So he seemed pretty bummed. Nothing compared to me of course.

    So as I set of to the GP my overgrown fat-rat bastard dogs start making a scene at the gate, so for forms sake I have to talk them down. (ow) Then I was met with stares walking down the street trying to hold my head on and push my throat up with my mouth wide open groaning like the retarded. About four minutes later when I reached the GP my pain was gone and to add insult the GP was closed for lunch.

    I lost my reason for existing that week and I never found out whether I had cancer or not.

    It was an ok day, not great, not good, but ok.

    1. KwadDamyj


      Eeeesh. :/

      Reminds me of the time I was bedridden with this horrid-ass virus and had a fluid buildup in my left knee.

      I was a sick, lame little gimp who could barely walk to the kitchen to grab tylenol.