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  1. It was the last day of the cinema screening of the DooM movie. It was a 30 minute walk there to find out that the last show was 7 hours away and then a thirty minute walk back, munching on a pack of Walkers Popadom Sensations. Tandori flavour. The crisps were nice, but the walk was boring. The bus ride home was boring. The wait for the movie was boring, peppered with hilarious segments of my nana's insanity. Remembering your comments on the movie I knew the mood could not get much better... but I had already bought the ticket.

    I eventually sat to watch the movie and was pleased to find the critics were wrong again!

    It started off well. Very well. The only bit where my cringometer went hay-wire was the first reference to genetics. But it turned out to save the day later. First of all the fact that the super human gene is synthetic changes everything. The fact that they state increased cell reproduction speeds (although it raises many other problems) saved the day as far as mutation speeds are concerned... not like Resident evil, where the bad guy bearly has enough time to be swallowed and the Licker goes all !super-morph!.

    The characters were funny and imo well played. The backstory is handled so briefly that it doesn't get in my way. Therefore it's OK. And who the hell cares if you don't know the reason for him being called Pinky? There are many reasons and ways you can earn a nickname, seriously. Also in one of the beginning scene's backgrounds there was a pretty woman @_@

    The enemies were awesome and the setting replicated Doom 3 very well. My favourite bit however was the FP bit. As soon as that bit came on there were cries in the cinema like 'No way!' or 'Whoo!' applauding with every kill and laughing at the stupid moments (e.g. stupid laughing zombies and the hellknight's "wtf? Floor mine?")

    This movie was missing Hell. This movie was missing bits of plot (...or leaving it open?) But this movie was not missing entertainment. It has beaten Res. Evil and all the Harry Potters at the very least.

    My secret? Just arrive cynical with intention to mock, rather than resigned still clutching at Hell. It's a shame it flopped, a sequel could so easily insert Hell into its story.

    On second thought I also love Freddy Got fingered and still want a sequel for that. and apparently that was a flop too :(