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  1. My first official army uniform has arrived! :/
    I have some kind of Combat Nightgown and Combat trenchcoat and some sort of camo-cover for a double-barreled rocket launcher. I unloaded the kit bag to try on my kit and grabbed what I thought was a waterproof jumpsuit, only to find that what I thought were the legs were actually sleeves. It was merely a four foot jacket. :O

    I'm not sure if this is a joke or a mix-up.... I'll ask the tall guys if they have recieved a set of combat waistcoats and shorts. :/

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    2. Shtbag667


      So... this SA-80.. will you be able to keep it with you in your barracks or will it have to be locked up in the armory all the time?

    3. Janderson


      Since I'm in TA it'll be in the armoury mostly. But she'll be with me in the barracks when I go training, or get called up to a hostile area...I think.

      Why'd you ask?...

      ...oh shit... are you the enemy? :O

    4. Shtbag667


      No.. I was in the military and we had to keep all our toys in the armory except for training, ect.. I was just wondering if this was a standard practice for everyone.