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  1. I have lived with scores of lying bastards. The lies themselves showed up in a variety of hues and shades. Some small, some believable, some defying physics, geography and human anatomy and others that can only be described as legendary. I have also found despicable and shameful as well.

    I love listening to people who are blatently lying and I love it more when they get caught out. I love it so much I have a top ten, these came from various people.

    10. I own a Lamborghini (Flaw: numbers and colours of Lamborghini(s) change, without fail, on the hour.)

    9. I'm telling you my own boarding house experience (Flaw: I had just told you those exact boarding house stories 10 minutes ago.)

    8. I can play the clarinet (Flaw: you don't know what a reed is.)

    7. I was once asked to play basketball professionally but I declined because I wanted to play soccer (Flaw: you can't play either.)

    6. My friend threw me out of the window and I was in a coma for three days. (Flaw: what you mean you weren't shot? Oh you were by an arab, and not your friend? But you weren't in a coma... oh you were in a coma? For three weeks you say! Keep your story straight.)

    5. I have top secret photographs of top secret helicopters. (Flaw: my RAF enthusiast friend just named them and told us the specs, when they were made and in which conflicts they were used.)

    4. I ran from A to point B (an hours car ride away) in twenty minutes. (Flaw: You can't run a hundred meters without breaking into a walk.)

    3. I crashed my dad's tank and the army replaced it the next day. (Flaw: I crashed my dad's tank and the army replaced it the next day.)

    2. When my house in Kuwaite was bombed I ran back in to save an autographed football. (Flaw: The last time your area was bombed you were about seven, and living elsewhere.)

    1. Here is the most disgusting sympathy grabbing action I have ever heard:

    J - ME
    S - LIES
    T - 3rd PARTY

    S: Ok, I've got two more weekends, the CMSR, a few weeks of dog handling and I'm getting deployed to Iraq!
    J: You keep talking about it. So why do you want to go to Iraq so bad?
    S: Huh?
    J: Why are you desperate to serve in Iraq?
    S: Well you see, it's very personal, and I haven't told anybody before... my bestfriend went out, I said I'd see him there, but he never came back. (Says he solemnly, fair enough)
    J: Hmmm, revenge...
    S: Yup.
    J: Do you think you could ever fight alongside Iraqi soldiers? (Preparing for my Soldier can't Pick his Enemies speech)
    S: Good question... no, I couldn't do it.
    T1: (Joining us) What's this about?
    S: I couldn't fight for Iraqis.
    T1: Why not?
    S: Because my bestfriend's brother went out to Iraq. He never came back.
    T1: (Doubtful) Hmmm.
    J: (LOLLOLOOLoololololololol!)

    I don't know... maybe I misheard, perhaps it was the Cola making him hyper again... perhaps a conversation a fortnight later will clear this up.

    S: Ok, once I pass this weekend, it's the CMSR, Dog handling trade traing and then Ireland!
    J: What happened to Iraq.
    S: Nah, I have to go to Ireland!
    J: Er... how come?
    S: Well my brother went to Northern Ireland... I said I'd meet him out there next year, but he never came back.
    J: (At this point I'm disgusted, then...)
    T2: What the fuck? No soldiers have died out there for years!
    S: It was a while back. Mate.
    T2: I was stationed out there last year. It was fucking boring.
    S: ...long, long time ago, mate.
    J: (At this point I was trying to hold in my laughter so badly I almost fell on my arse)

    Hey so got any stories of a bullshitter exposed? Any extremely pointless lies that have blown up in peoples faces? Anything so dumb you just nod your head and try to keep poker faced?

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    2. Kid Airbag

      Kid Airbag

      I don't think I've known anyone who's been such a blatant bullshitter since like first grade, when some kid told me he knew the guy who wrote Goosebumps.

      Like all the time people tell tall tales about their drinking/hooking up adventures, but they're never so outlandish it's obviously a lie.

    3. AndrewB


      I know at least one person like that. Except he lies about totally worthless things (like our 10-year-old projection television is HDTV).

      It doesn't affect me if other people lie their whole life, though. At least I taught Eminem how to rap.

    4. SYS


      Reminds me of a fellow I know. He always tells these ridiculous lies like "In Greece we shoot the Albainians that go into our backyard" It's funny, you ask him about a particular story and he'll tell it entirely different everytime you ask him.