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  1. Since my last fitness test I have improved slightly.

    28 / 42 - Pushups in two mins
    38 / 47 - Situps in two mins
    13:58 / 10:03 - 1.5 mile run

    I did a CFT; a test where I had to stride quickly, carrying 20kg and a rifle along a 6 mile course, to finish in under an hour. For every step my collegues took, I fell half a pace behind. I had to start and stop jogging to catch up or be pushed (I was at the front) every 10 seconds. I was dead in 12 minutes and fell to the back, but thanks to my tactical sprinting and encouraging cries I managed to finish, albeit 200m behind everybody else. I'm not bothered a few dropped out or weren't allowed to do the march. Thanks to my short step though, when I do the real march with 40kgs, rifle, helmet and field kit, I'll have to jog the whole way. :(

    So now my targets for April are
    Pushups - 60 - 70
    Situps - 60 - 70
    Chinups - 10+ (I believe)
    1.5 mile run - under 9:30 mins
    And I must be able to run (weighted) for an hour.

    Anybody else got any fitness targets?

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    2. insertwackynamehere


      heh i think even more ironically, i got running shoes the weekend after i hurt my knee thinking I would start up again. Still havent use them :P although I may if I end up doing tennis this season. If i dont my mom will make me cut my hair :/

    3. Janderson


      Wow, weighted exercises!? I can barely do 'em unladen. Got to ask though, is it better to start adding weights (gradually of course) or do I have to build up to it first?

      Also do you use different spacings for your press-ups (e.g v.wide - crossed thumbs) or do you use standard shoulder width?

      Nice going with that time btw. I hope you can keep that up.

    4. Doom Marine

      Doom Marine

      Hmm... Filelodge is down... nuts, maybe it'll be back up in a couple of days...

      About adding weights to exercises, for me, I'm so light my body doesn't offer much resistance to build up strength, so I decided to add weights.

      I started out using relatively light weights, like 25-lbs for my push-ups, which then worked up to be 90-lbs right now.

      Here's my current workout regiment:

      Sundays: 5-mile jog
      Mondays: Rest Day
      Tuesdays: 3-mile jog, 1-mile sprint, upper-body exercises
      Wednesdays: Rest Day
      Thursday: 3-mile jog, 1-mile sprint, upper-body exercises
      Fridays: Rest Day
      Saturdays: Snowboarding (5-hours)

      As you can see, I only really work out my upper body two days out of the entire week. I generally do several sets of upper-body exercises with increasing weight, I make it a discipline to not perform upper-body exercises without weight.

      After training with weight, you should be able to pack on more weights.

      EDIT: I use standard shoulder-width push-ups with and without weights.
      EDIT: Filelodge is up!