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  1. [April]
    * I sign up for the New Deal agreement with jobseekers

    * Go to Liverpool and Manchester, to visit my friends at university, shop, and PARTAY (Playing Command and Conquer, Civilisation 2, CCS, and Risk the board game to classical war compositions [The last being the funnest and recommended & approved by me])

    * Got lost along the motorways of warrington when I decided I could walk to my friend's house. *Point of interest: About halfway I decided to ask for directions. Because I was laden with bags, the old folks I asked thought I was a military pilot or aircrew and directed me to the air base instead of where I needed to be!

    For two hours I'd be back tracking, pacing and trying to contact my friends, and the street I wanted would be just round the corner, waiting like the mocking 'I told you sos' that usually occur after you anounce you're going to do something stupid and then do it.

    Jander's Food Bites! - That night one of my friends cooked me a tender beef stake in a 'Spicy Curry' Pot Noodle sauce. 10/10! After a hard days travelling you need this! It is beauty and the feast!

    And then I went home!

    * Quit Jobseekers because they were going to steal my TA and driving time.

    * Got a thorough bollocking by my driving instructor for chosing to work at TA when I could be driving. Well, I did blow him off to go travelling and then again to sweep the TA Tank park (in the rain!)

    * Passed Army selection. I learned several valuable lessons;
    - if you need to shit before going for going on a 1.5 mile run, for the love of God go!
    - also when giving an icebreaker, saying 'My most memorable moment, would be now/this weekend' (especially after the last 40 candidates did the same) is really gay. I didn't btw.
    - when a sergeant asks 'do you know a joke' and some tosspot says, 'Yea, you!' if you're in front of said tosspot, duck.
    - people who ask 'What did you get?' Should be told to shut the fuck up, because they're about to blabber about their achievements!

    *Quit my TA CMSR (basic training) to finish my driving lessons.

    *Became a lvl 44 Warlock.

    Any questions?

    1. exp(x)


      Janderson said:

      Any questions?

      TA = ?

    2. AirRaid


      Territorial Army.