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  1. Hurrah and Huzzah! I've passed my driving test! But not only did I pass, there are a few technicalities which make my victory all the more Victorious!

    1) I was sick as a dog. I really shouldn't have been on the road that day but when lessons cost that much, plus the cost of the test, it's a gamble I had to take.
    2) I thought I had failed. I thought I pulled at least three major faults. Sure it's something everybody feels in the test, but it added a few degrees to my glib smile.
    3) My Driving instructor thought I'd fail.
    4) Only 6 minor faults.
    5) DI's words; "When that guy called your name my heart sunk." They gave me an examiner my DI thought was the "meanest bastard in the county."

    My victory reduced my DI to tears.

    But damn was it hot on that test! I was sweating like a <racial slur> on a <unpleasent scenario>.

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    2. Planky


      Only thing I got told off for when getting my restricted was turning left when I was asked to turn right.

      Passed my full license with flying colours. If only I had anywhere to drive to :P

      Congrats J.

    3. Lizardcommando


      I remember when I passed the driver's test January. I thought i was gonna fail too since I did miserable on the first one.

    4. Piezo


      I don't remember my driver's test. I only remember my week of driver's ed in that crappy malibu, the class in high school, and the written test in the DPS. I must have smoked away that memory or things are a little different in Texas, but you all knew that already.