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  1. Once again on the 6.5 mile march I am forced to sprint after my squad being chased by an angry sergeant and flashbacks of my haunted past... which includes more angry sergeants.

    It started off horribly, me in the second row power walking as fast as my stumpy legs could carry me. The guy in front of me was cursed too and couldn't keep level with the PTI and had to run to catch up. After five mins of closing the ever widening gaps I was thoroughly shagged out and started forming gaps of my own within the squad. After ten minutes the poor sods behind me said 'fuck this!' and started overtaking me. And thats when the hard work began :(

    So I ran after them for the next ten minutes, breaking into walk to to breathe, being screamed at, then back into the run. Whenever I thought I was back at the squad, it turned out that they were laggers too. GASP. And when I did reach the squad running wasn't allowed because it upset the people behind me so I fell back again.

    Finally after the final water break, only 600m from the finishing line I decide that a final run was in order, to catch up with the group and keep running til the end. My feet were numb (much better =D) and my personal banshee was pissed. I was going to finish this! I took 5 paces at a sprint and was disqualified for lagging too far behind X.X

    It seems I'm doomed to follow in my father's footsteps and jog the whole distance.

    That being said, I'm pretty good fitness wise, I only need a few more press ups and sit ups to pass completely.

    Anyway my Regular Army Basic Training is in October. I think I'm better off training for that than my TA BT which happens in ... 2 weeks!? :'<