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  1. Anybody else get this?;

    'You are a great guy. I trust you completely, you're a good laugh, you're caring, you help me out a lot, you're good company. My friends and I talk about how we wish we had a boyfriend like you.

    (And now the punchline)

    Oh well! Good luck getting a girl, what's on telly?'

    What's that all about? Why throw the dog a bone with intent to wound?
    Women, I tell ya!

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    2. Patrick


      at least these girls didnt invent imaginary people to get rid of you

    3. Joe


      insertwackynamehere said:


      Wacky you stud muffin.

    4. rf`


      Joe said:

      Wacky you stud muffin.

      He went from retard to Fredrick Johannsenn in a year!