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  1. Archvile - wizard alien Pain Elemental - pain in my ass Lost Soul - ghost rider Mancubus - obesity
  2. Depends on the enviroment both contestants are in, really. Master Chief would fit more open areas while Doomguy is more advanced in closed-up areas.
  3. E1M5 - Phobos Lab; the sudden suspense caught me off guard. Especially with the last part with the Spectres in an almost pitch black room, that's when it got a bit creepier.
  4. I vividly remember playing using the classic controls, back when I still had a DOS-capable computer as a youngling. Ever since I've been introduced to the world of source ports I've played with WASD + mouse, although I'm still pretty capable of playing using the classic controls.
  5. Pain elemental. They spew Lost Souls directly at you at pretty high speeds. Using a rocket is a bad idea, since it can hit an incoming Lost Soul really close to you and your HP is toasted.