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  1. BTW: Interact with everything(Cracks, boxes, broken walls, holes, toilets, and many, many more!!) ... i put some dialogs...
  2. Ok guys, i'm almost finished, but i'll be out for some days. Here's the wad of the map so far. Hope you enjoy it. Requirements and stuff °u° : -It uses the BrutalDoomv21.wad (Why not change engine i though... it looks and plays better that way.) -Also uses Doom.wad (srry, needed the textures) -GZDoom -You'll prolly need freelook, but not really necesary. -You'll crouch and probably jump. -There's a secret!! Go find it folks!! -Just like last time it's a run n' gun map, no biggie. -It ain't THAT hard, i finished it with the pistol and without grabbing any of the health kits/armor/power ups. It's "Knee-Deep in the dead" hard. Link: http://www.mediafire.com/file/9p978be7sw9bvcp/NightRebelionRemake.wad (PS: How's this for a second try? i mean the whole post... and stats and stuff...) Here's some pics:
  3. Problem solved. Thanks for the help tho'. but it loads everything anyways lol.
  4. The full translation would be: "Can't rename: E\Terminus\GZDoom\_rzi_0.106 into: E\Terminus\GZDoom\bd21test-jan02.pk3 Access Denied"
  5. Srry if it's in spanish, but it basicly says "access denied" right in the second line...
  6. didn't work :0
  7. It says so when i try to rename it. I'll see if it works, brb.
  8. I've been trying to make a remake of a map i made, to make it more realistic i wanted to use the BrutalDoom.pk3 that i downloaded a while ago. The thing is that whenever i try to load, this error shows up: So i tried to fix the problem by renaming the file: But it says access denied everytime i try to delete/rename the file inside the .pk3 file of Brutal Doom. What should i do?
  9. When i say original i mean it. The one i released was a more recent version i did (well you look at that, i'm making a remake of a remake) , but i had forgoten i still had the original one.
  10. OMFG. I found the original .wad that started all of this! A two year old wad that was on my main folder in my computer. Look at the name.
  11. Oi guys, almost finished with the remake. i added some stuff. for example, now you find the red keycard in a loading bay instead of just finding it with a corpse. Also the map has more detail in general.You will all LOVE how the barricades look now. they've stopped being just two rectangles, now they look like oppression barricades, they also look like the barricades the combine used in half life 2 but... whatever... There's also a vent scene. i'll post all the requirements and stuff when i finish it. as for now, here are some pics(i haven't done the lighting yet.)
  12. So far so good i think.I haven't made the lights and all that but i added some stuff to it so the maps wouldn't be boring to be at. Also i added the fact that the character reacts to some objects. here's some pics:
  13. This thread has becomed something bigger than i expected, i love all the attention you give to it, and i wanna tell you all that the remake is comming soon. I'm putting a lot of effort onto it, and i think that, from the maps i made in the middle(but never uploaded since they where pure testing) this one will be 10 time better. I hope i get to finish it soon, tho' i do not want to make it too fast and lose details.
  14. Of course. So far you and HAK3180 are the only two who played the first one.
  15. Maybe you're right. Tho' i completely trashed the project a few hours ago. I'm trying to remake the Midnight Rebellion now. See if i can make it better than last time.