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Status Updates posted by TerminusTheOverlord

  1. Working on a megawad. I'll be uploading every map on it's own and then the full campaing. these are some pics. hope u enjoy °-°

    PS: DoomBuilder crashed and i had to redo all the map... and then there was a blackout...

    2nd PS: Thanks to HAK3180 for the tips and stuff.



    1. riderr3


      Good luck with that. Personally I made my vanilla megawad for 2 years. Stuff like these needs tons of patience and ideas. Many and many people has abandoned their projects though.

    2. Misty


      If you're mapping newbie, I don't recommend do a megawad. It takes a lot of patience, idea executions, consistency if you want tell story through maps. And after you get more experience, you most likely won't be happy with earliest maps. Saw those examples here. 

      Anyway, nobody can't stop you from doing megawad. If you know how 32 maps should look and feel, go on. 

    3. TerminusTheOverlord


      Thanks, tho' this is just a side project. I'll be adding ideas and stuff onto it when i start to get some experience. I'm thinking about making it slowly, maybe from now to two years, like riderr3 said, that way i'll be able to update and upgrade the maps with the things i learn on the journey of making it.

      ps: srry for the bad english.


  2. i know it's stupid to ask, even i feel stupid doing so... but how do i reply when someone already replied? because there's no "reply" button... here's a picture so you see...


    Sin título.png

    1. Gothic


      New members have a limit post on their 1st day, to prevent trolls and spambots from filling the forums with trash. I suggest you to wait until tomorrow.