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Everything posted by Claptrapino

  1. Claptrapino

    Enemies you don't want to return

    A fucking piece of shit called Archvile.
  2. Claptrapino

    Most favorite level from Episode 4

  3. Claptrapino

    what are you working on? I wanna see your wads.

    Just workin on a DooM II map that will never be finished.
  4. Claptrapino


    I felt playing another terry wad, but worse. You should work with textures and the idea of it, not just placing spectres everywhere with a trigger action to spawn a cyberdemon. EDIT: Why you been working on this map for 10 Hours? That's actual looks like a 15 minute made map.
  5. Welcome to the Doomworld community!

  6. Welcome!

    1. Archanhell


      Thank you very much for the welcoming message!

    2. Claptrapino
  7. Claptrapino

    Quiet Stroll

    Too much enemies on start which makes normal difficulty to harder than MAP12. Here's low medical and weaponary supplies which makes a bit harder but, I loved how map was designed!I hate heres a lot of traps around this map because I needed to be careful as heck! Anyways! Its good map! Just don't add more traps.
  8. Claptrapino

    No rest, no peace 2 (for Doom 2)

    Let me give you some 1920x1080 resolution screenshots, Mate!
  9. Hello!

    1. KVELLER


      Hi! :) hope you have a good time here!