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Status Updates posted by USK GOV

  1. Update on where's imp planet pack part 2

    Well i am working on in one of the imp planet pack 2 wads there is a custom hud face

  2. Yeah about that cancellation of me moding well that's not true any more

    1. Misty


      Don't make false alarms in the future?

    2. USK GOV

      USK GOV

      Good idea

  3. Not true anymore

    1. Linguica


      You're 11?!? I thought you were at least 12!!

  4. I have been going 3 days without sleep to finish monkey.wad my school work has been still good some how if anything here's how to describe it you how the creator of dbz when a week without sleeping that's pretty much what is going with me

    1. AD_79


      Hey man, sleep is a little more important than working on a wad; surely you don't have to get it done super quickly. Please take care of yourself.

  5. OK so i have a YouTube channel on my youtube channel you can find playthoughs though wads updates on wads i am making and future plans so if you are interested in any updates or anything like that go check out my channel and no i am not using this post for attention 

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    2. USK GOV

      USK GOV

      There are two sides to me a fucked up side and a normal side in the normal side i am calm and everything is ok in the fucked up side stuff like that video can happen it's weridi am going to post a tutorial to help out early doomers

    3. Catpho


      Ok, cool. The only thing i would ask you to do is that please use commas (this symbol ",") and write your sentences in a way that's easy to read (i'm sure there's a guide for that on the internet).

    4. USK GOV