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    Excellent wad for Hexen fans. It stays true to the style/spirit of the original game while introducing new ideas. The level / hub design is interesting, the combat is well-balanced, texturing is well-done and well-aligned, and there are plenty of interesting scripted events. The wings are used in a very smart way - you're able reach many previously unreachable items and paths. The only thing I disliked was the "boss" of the final level. I won't spoil it, but it's quite disappointing. Unfortunately there is a bug in The Castle Of Fluft - the flame mask switch is not set to "repeatable", so if you try to use it without the prerequisite mask, you won't be able to use it again when you do. If you encounter this bug, type "puke 10" to activate the script the mask normally would.
  1. Do two sectors that are joined but not continuous (ie. the same sector but not connected in space) count as multiple visplanes or just one?
  2. whirledtsar

    Nightdive Teasing Blood

    For me this will not only have to be accurate and compatible with usermaps but have significant extra features (eg. togglable bugfixes, improved multiplayer, modernized map editor) to justify paying for it when BloodGDX already exists.
  3. whirledtsar

    Who is your favorite character from any 90's FPS game?

    Caleb is anything but quiet. Half the time you throw explosives he laughs maniacally or delivers a one-liner, and if you stand still for a couple seconds he starts singing show tunes.
  4. whirledtsar

    Community Chest 64

    Unfortunately I'll have to withdraw from the project (unless the deadline is extended).
  5. whirledtsar

    Town of Aquafort

    Cool level. Very nice architecture & detailing, making good use of Heretic's limited stock resourced. The level design is very interconnected and looping, with areas gradually opening up. It's overly sparse on ammo in the beginning, but gets better as it goes on. In general the gameplay is good, although it could've been more varied/exciting (you face mostly low-tier enemies and only get the crossbow & gauntlets).
  6. whirledtsar

    The Nadir

    The level design isn't bad. Pretty standard Hexen-style stuff. Some of the visuals / settings are pretty cool. Although texture misalignment could have been a LOT better, considering it's for ZDoom. The new crossbow weapon was pretty cool, but the new melee weapon was useless. Also the author should've incorporated their ammo count into the HUD (you only see it when you switch to them). Most most of the new monsters were annoying (especially the poisonous golems with their poison clouds). The final boss battle really sucked, the arena was awkward to move in and his attacks / patterns were overly confusing. He constantly sends out homing projectiles that don't actually harm you, cluttering the battlefield and making it difficult to tell what's going on. I think this wad would've been solid if it just stuck to classic Hexen monsters.
  7. whirledtsar

    Prodeus [retro FPS]

    If they give you the option to disable or configure the filter then I'd be interested. The combat looks fun. But as it is it literally just looks like Doom 4 with all the graphical settings on low, lol.
  8. whirledtsar

    Mapset: MedEvil

    Updated with idgames link.
  9. whirledtsar

    Dusk - Hexen + Quake + Doom

    It's a full new game that took a lot of time & effort by many people, not a mod. It's fine if you don't like it, but of course it's not free, they're professional developers not a charity.
  10. whirledtsar

    Mapset: MedEvil

    The wad has been through a few revisions now, seems as good as it's going to get, ready to upload to idgames. Speak now or forever hold your peace...
  11. It depends on how it's constructed. If there's a lot of windows/interconnected areas and landmarks, that shouldn't be the case.
  12. whirledtsar

    Mapset: MedEvil

    Three small to medium-sized levels with a gothic castle theme. Balanced for pistol start, with difficulties implemented. Requires PrBoom+ or compatible engine (eg. GZDoom). idgames Mediafire
  13. Just use BloodGDX. It's accurate enough that it runs demos recorded in the original game without ever desyncing. Which to me means it's close enough to 100% accurate gameplay-wise. The only complains I've heard regard its' not entirely accurate lighting (due to using OpenGL).
  14. whirledtsar

    4 Seasons of DOOM (on idgames)

    Very awesome mapset. Such detailed & organic environments with plenty of space to move. One problem I've had though - the invisible walls in Map02. They can be really annoying, especially when they're really close to the playing area, since there's zero visual indication. I died to a damn Revenant because I expected room to maneuver but ran into one. It would be nice if there was some sort of indication, like a midtexture fence, or a drop in elevation.