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  1. Looking to play and record your maps

    There's some nasty audio crackling throughout the video
  2. What are you playing now?

    Trying to beat Hexen for the first time (tried years ago but got stuck quickly and gave up). I think I made a huge mistake picking the mage class, the combat is pretty unsatisfying. The level design / puzzles aren't as confusing as I remember though, haven't gotten stuck for too long this time.
  3. what's the worst WAD you've ever played?

    A "remake" wad that stuffed The Ultimate Doom full of random slopes, loud ambient sound effects, and terrible metal mp3's.
  4. Specific Things in Doom that annoy you

    When you're fighting an archvile, have the perfect position for cover, duck out and shoot him, making him flinch and start chasing you, thus ruining your perfect position
  5. Realm of the Green soul

    Unfun map with gaudy use of ZDoom features like cutscenes and stealth monsters. Also the English is pretty poor. The music at least is cool, but that's the only real positive I can name.
  6. How intelligent are various monsters?

    Isn't there something in the lore about how the demons built hell's fortresses? If so, they must have a few competent masons among their ranks.
  7. what are you working on? I wanna see your wads.

    Working on a short castle-themed episode. Will be my first released mapset. Screenshots are from GZDoom but it'll be Boom-compatible.

    Possibly, although I'm not one to assume bad faith. I assume they just weren't familiar with his playstyle and also didn't consider the context of being one among hundreds of wads.

    The map makers should just know not to make a super long, puzzley map if they've ever watched Joel play Doom.
  10. Asylum (v1.0)

    Fun map that keeps you on your toes with lots of big, enemy-infested rooms and many traps. Texturing is a bit ugly but oh well. I see some reviewers complaining about the difficulty of the final fight, but I found it very fair. It's tough, but totally doable (I did it on my first try, not to brag...)
  11. Point of No Return

    The level design and atmosphere are solid in general but the gameplay is boring because of the very low difficulty. There aren't any secrets but all the things one would make secrets (computer area map, BFG, plasma rifle, etc.) are out in the open, making the level a breeze. And the design of the final arena is really boring, just a million monsters in a square room. On the atmosphere side, like I said it's mostly good-looking but there are a few ugly "babbys first zdoomisms" (particle fountains, poorly-implemented fog). Overall not bad but not incredible.
  12. Crimson

    I wanted to like this since it purports to be Doom 64-inspired (a game I love), but unfortunately it doesn't hit the mark at all. Very few stock Doom 2 textures have been replaced. The monster sprites are all D64 rips, but only some of the sounds have been changed. The weapon sprites are rips too, but their animations are pretty poor. And overall it fails to capture the atmosphere of D64, having a rock & roll MIDI soundtrack and almost all bright lighting. Beyond the failure to emulate D64, the level design is simply not fun. There are way too many doors, half of which require a switch yet have zero distinguishing features - meaning you'll constantly be stopping to open doors, half of the time not even being able to progress. And the switches to open those doors are in completely random locations, meaning you never know exactly where to go next - just that you have to backtrack somewhere. Overall not at all an enjoyable experience.
  13. How to make Earth interesting in a Doom sequel.

    The weird thing about Doom II's earth levels were how they were often composed of brick, stucco, and so on - not at all futuristic. If the sequel to Doom 4 is set on earth, it should be very futuristic just like the bases, but more urban/cyberpunk.
  14. Yeah, it's pretty good-looking. Kinda like Doom II's sky1 but more photorealistic. It's from a pack called Mek's Box O Skies, originally 1024x256. Oh, cool.
  15. Thanks, did not know that.