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  1. whirledtsar

    Half-Life 1 or Doom 1?

    The combat / gameplay of Doom is a million times better than Half Life's.
  2. It's a children's movie. It's a movie for literal children to enjoy.
  3. whirledtsar

    How would you describe Doom wads/mods in 5 words?

    There's too many to count
  4. whirledtsar

    Polyobject Doors and Sound-Blocking

    Make sound-blocking lines in the area where the polyobject actually spawns in.
  5. whirledtsar

    Apparently, there won't be a new Duke Nukem game or movie.

    Ion Maiden is literally made by programmers/mappers/artists from the Duke Nukem community.
  6. whirledtsar

    Is ZBlood really faithful to the original Blood game?

    NBlood is LESS accurate than BloodGDX. GDX can play demos from the original game and never desync, NBlood can not. Also loading custom content (including the official expansion Cryptic Passage) in NBlood is a pain in the dick.
  7. whirledtsar


    Large and detailed industrial/tech facility. The detail is well-done and thankfully doesn't get in the way of gameplay at all. The difficulty is pretty low / moderate, with the tension rising & falling periodically, which is quite nice. The level design hinges upon a central hub that the player must return to every time they find a key, using it to open up new areas, all in a very interconnected fashion. I see one review claiming the map is focused on "puzzles", but I found the progression completely straight-forward, and there was an abundance of good action.
  8. In case you missed it, HUMP Mini was a recent vanilla Heretic CP.
  9. whirledtsar

    Is Hexen (1995) a so complicated game?

    I've played through Hexen 2 a few times on the Hammer Of Thyrion sourceport and haven't encountered these bugs, perhaps you should try that out some day. The damn touchplate puzzle in the Egypt hub is still fucked though.
  10. whirledtsar

    Is Hexen (1995) a so complicated game?

    You really have to be in a different mindset while playing Hexen. The first time I played I was in a Doom mindset, and couldn't get past the first hub. You need to actually pay good attention to your environment. Then when you press a switch and it tells you "A door has opened on x level", you can infer what it's talking about based on what you've seen in that level.
  11. whirledtsar

    In your opinion: What makes a wad 'replayable'?

    Okay, I had thought by "toss away" you meant stop playing in the first place.
  12. whirledtsar

    In your opinion: What makes a wad 'replayable'?

    "Dealing with it" does not sound like a fun way to play Doom wads. The purpose of playing wads is to have fun, not to "dive into nuance" and "deal with" gameplay that's not suited to your tastes.
  13. whirledtsar

    Independent WADS

    This was a bug caused by a GZDoom update, it's fixed in the latest version of Ashes.
  14. whirledtsar

    Very, VERY worried about the final product.

    Bethesda is a publisher and developer. Bethesda developed Fallout 76. Bethesda is not developing Doom.
  15. whirledtsar

    Separate music volume control

    In Doom 3 there is no separate music volume slider, because the music in the original was atmospheric and only played rarely. If it's that bad, you may want to just remove the music files.