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  1. whirledtsar

    Are there any hotel-related maps?

    It would be nice to link to the page where the wad is hosted, rather than a direct download, as I would assume most people would want to read about it and make a decision whether to download it or not.
  2. I started this project a long time ago but never got around to making any more maps for it, and my mapping style has changed too much to add more to it now. Well, here's what I got done. Two medium-size techbase maps, inspired by the atmosphere of PSX Doom. Includes sound effects from said game plus some custom ambient sounds. Download
  3. whirledtsar

    Things about Doom you just found out

    I like to think Rev's are cobbled together from various different demon bones.
  4. whirledtsar

    Randy Pitchford accused of taking $12 million in a lawsuit

    According to Prickford it was actually a "barely legal" 18 year-old camgirl. Pretty gross to hear about, but not criminal or evil. And given that the person accusing him of having child porn is embroiled in a lawsuit with him, I'm inclined to believe they were stretching the truth to smear him.
  5. whirledtsar

    Blood vs Shadow Warrior

    People always hype up the difficulty of Blood, but I have found Shadow Warrior to have much more frustrating gameplay. In Blood your workhorse shotgun can one-shot hitscan grunts, but in Shadow Warrior it takes multiple shots, at which point they've likely torn a few holes into you. And the splash damage / range of your grenades makes them more difficult to use (without harming yourself) than Blood's dynamite. And of course there's the Shadow Ninjas, which should've been relegated to boss / miniboss status, but show up relatively frequently (including in the very first level).
  6. whirledtsar

    Echoes Of Desolation - 2 PSX Doom inspired maps

    Thanks for the feedback and reports! I don't know what you mean about the switch, I tested it in 3.6 and it lowers the red bars to the exit.
  7. whirledtsar


    Don't mistake this 3 star rating for "average", because this wad absolutely is not. It's more of a "conflicted" rating. First off, the aesthetics / atmosphere of this map are fantastic. It's a single huge map set in a snowy Russian city. It uses many custom textures (including graffiti and posters) to help give the map a semi-realistic style. And the choice of music fits perfectly - very melancholy. The problem arises in the gameplay. The most noticeable issue is that all the monsters are silent. I thought this was an engine problem at first, but nope, this wad replaces all the monsters' wake-up and roaming sound effects with blank files. This is really annoying. It just makes the map more hard than it should be. And it exacerbates the other issue I had - constant teleporting monsters. Almost every fight on this map involves monsters teleporting in, typically in front and behind you. One can imagine how these two things combined lead to fights that feel unfair and trial & error. But still, I would recommend playing this wad. The level design is good, and as I said the atmosphere is great. But perhaps remove the blank sound files so you can enjoy it like a more normal wad. Also, I noticed some commenters complaining about lag. This is true for GZDoom, but in PrBoom+/GLBoom+ lag is not an issue at all.
  8. whirledtsar

    Bloody steel

    Ten huge and detailed maps with challenging, often slaughter-tier gameplay. The gameplay is very chaotic, having you typically surrounded on all sides by enemies in various positions, requiring you to keep on the move and find cover where you can. Most of the levels have a very cool ruined, post-industrial aesthetic and have you exploring decaying cities and facilities. In two of the levels you travel to different time periods - a European mansion and ancient Greece. I found these two to not only be very ugly, but have unfun gameplay as well (Europe for being stingy with ammo; Greece for being awkward to move in). Thankfully the rest of the maps both look and play great.
  9. whirledtsar

    How would you rework partial invisibility?

    It would be helpful if it debuffed the Archvile's attack like it does to other hitscan attacks. Perhaps make it do less damage, or have a random chance to miss.
  10. whirledtsar

    Mappers' first world problems

    Realizing half the decorations in my map have difficulty or class flags because of the way placing things in DB works. Sorry HMP players, you don't get to enjoy this torch.
  11. whirledtsar


    Good wad overall, but honestly the first 1/3rd was so dull it almost made me give up on it. Corridor after corridor of shooting imp after imp or grunt after grunt, with an occasional baron to really spice things up. Thankfully the level design gets a lot more creative and fun as it goes on. The finale is appropriately grand, and I like how you retrace your steps back to the very beginning of the first level.
  12. whirledtsar

    Community Chest 64

    Sorry, despite the increased deadline I will still be resigning from this project.
  13. whirledtsar

    Looking for scary maps, help!

  14. whirledtsar

    Ultimate Doom is deeply flawed beyond E1

    IMO E2 and E3 greatly improve upon / expand upon the gameplay with more complex / labyrinthine level design, plus the various new monsters. And then E4 makes it even more interesting with its heightened difficulty. E1 is fun and all but it's pretty simplistic and easy even compared to the later episodes.
  15. whirledtsar

    Post Your Doom Picture (Part 2)

    Tis the season! Coming very soon, for the ZDoom Hexmas community project
  16. Could you do my wad? It's not too long (10-15 minutes per map).
  17. whirledtsar

    Battle for the sphere of chaos

    An odd wad in which you play a Hexen class while fighting Heretic monsters in Heretic-textured levels. Surprisingly, it works pretty well, and is an interesting change of pace from either game. It retains Hexen's hub design, although it's not at all puzzley, just a "go and collect 3 items and return to the hub" quest. It's very combat-focused (there's almost 400 enemies in the final level), but unlike some Heretic maps, it doesn't end up feeling like a slog. Perhaps Hexen's weapons are just more powerful than Corvus's. The level design is very good, besides a couple of sore spots (the cramped areas of the lava level, the metal maze in the final level). The boss, D'Sparil, is much easier to kill than he was in Heretic; he probably should've been modded to have a better chance against Hexen's warriors.
    Excellent wad for Hexen fans. It stays true to the style/spirit of the original game while introducing new ideas. The level / hub design is interesting, the combat is well-balanced, texturing is well-done and well-aligned, and there are plenty of interesting scripted events. The wings are used in a very smart way - you're able reach many previously unreachable items and paths. The only thing I disliked was the "boss" of the final level. I won't spoil it, but it's quite disappointing. Unfortunately there is a bug in The Castle Of Fluft - the flame mask switch is not set to "repeatable", so if you try to use it without the prerequisite mask, you won't be able to use it again when you do. If you encounter this bug, type "puke 10" to activate the script the mask normally would.
  18. Do two sectors that are joined but not continuous (ie. the same sector but not connected in space) count as multiple visplanes or just one?
  19. whirledtsar

    Nightdive Teasing Blood

    For me this will not only have to be accurate and compatible with usermaps but have significant extra features (eg. togglable bugfixes, improved multiplayer, modernized map editor) to justify paying for it when BloodGDX already exists.
  20. whirledtsar

    Who is your favorite character from any 90's FPS game?

    Caleb is anything but quiet. Half the time you throw explosives he laughs maniacally or delivers a one-liner, and if you stand still for a couple seconds he starts singing show tunes.
  21. whirledtsar

    Community Chest 64

    Unfortunately I'll have to withdraw from the project (unless the deadline is extended).
  22. whirledtsar

    Town of Aquafort

    Cool level. Very nice architecture & detailing, making good use of Heretic's limited stock resourced. The level design is very interconnected and looping, with areas gradually opening up. It's overly sparse on ammo in the beginning, but gets better as it goes on. In general the gameplay is good, although it could've been more varied/exciting (you face mostly low-tier enemies and only get the crossbow & gauntlets).
  23. whirledtsar

    The Nadir

    The level design isn't bad. Pretty standard Hexen-style stuff. Some of the visuals / settings are pretty cool. Although texture misalignment could have been a LOT better, considering it's for ZDoom. The new crossbow weapon was pretty cool, but the new melee weapon was useless. Also the author should've incorporated their ammo count into the HUD (you only see it when you switch to them). Most most of the new monsters were annoying (especially the poisonous golems with their poison clouds). The final boss battle really sucked, the arena was awkward to move in and his attacks / patterns were overly confusing. He constantly sends out homing projectiles that don't actually harm you, cluttering the battlefield and making it difficult to tell what's going on. I think this wad would've been solid if it just stuck to classic Hexen monsters.