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Everything posted by whirledtsar

    It's okay. Quite easy due to the abundance of artifacts, mana, & health. The level design is fine, nothing special. The only truly bad part was the unmarked puzzle bookcases, forcing you to wallhump the entire library as a last resort. Otherwise it's pretty simple stuff, running around finding keys and smashing monsters. The texturing and lighting aren't fantastic but aren't noticeably bad either. The only glaring issue is that many windows just show a wall textured with the sky texture rather than an area with a sky ceiling. Yet there are perfectly normal outdoor areas. Perhaps the author only figured it out skies halfway through development? Anyways, this is worth your time if you want an hour or two of simple Hexen fun.
    Not too shabby. Very intricate level with halls & rooms to explore taking up almost every square inch of the castle. You do have to look through pretty much the whole place to find the necessary keys, but you'll have fun in the process. Most of the gameplay is pretty simple run & gunning of mooks but there are a couple neat traps, like the teleporting/telefragging area and the exit. Despite the large and labyrinthine design of the level, it doesn't get boring or easy to get lost in due to the abundance of landmarks (mainly sector furniture) and high interconnectedness. Texture alignment is quite bad, but oh well. There are some replaced sounds which are a bit odd but not bad, which kind of encapsulates the whole wad.
  1. whirledtsar

    Mall of Mayhem

    Gameplay is just okay, nothing especially interesting. But the level's theme and textures are pretty damn funny. Everywhere you look there's another little joke. It's worth playing just for amusement. I don't know what the hell these commenters are talking about regarding a "creepy atmosphere", IMO you'd have to be a pretty big weenie to get scared by a Doom level full of joke textures just because its a little dark...
  2. whirledtsar

    Escape from Castle Chezcrea

    Very cool level. The way you have to use your fist & pistol in the beginning enhances the feeling of being trapped & powerless and having to escape. The visuals are very nicely-done, with lots of little details & cool ideas. The atmosphere is quite spooky, reminding me of the dungeon segments of the later Unloved. It is indeed linear, but it's still an interesting journey and the gameplay is fair & fun.
  3. whirledtsar

    Your Guilty Doom Pleasure

    RetroShader can simulate the effect of PS1 vertex-snapping?
  4. whirledtsar


    Pretty mediocre mapset. Visuals are alright, if repetitive / underdetailed (although that's understandable for the time). There are some "new" textures (rips & edits from Heretic & Hexen) which fit alright. No new music though. Gameplay consists of boring switch hunts and pretty damn easy combat. Meh.
  5. I see the original upload is gone. There's a link on that page to the wad with a little fix I made, get that one.
  6. whirledtsar

    Hide things inside...

    Put the desired thing's spawn number in the pot's first argument
  7. I like to use this wad when playing maps with GMOTA, it replaces all vanilla Doom textures with fantasy-themed textures from Hexen 2. So any wad that uses mainly stock textures will fit visually.
  8. whirledtsar

    Burial Ground

    Cool map. Nice spooky atmosphere without being overly dark. The new textures aren't bad and add a little visual variety. Difficulty is on the low side, but not every wad needs to be nonstop challenge.
  9. whirledtsar

    Post Your Doom Picture (Part 2)

    Well a library with architecture like that comes off more as otherworldy than "gamey". It's not trying to replicate a real library. Which would probably come off as more gamey due to the limitations of the engine & textures.
  10. whirledtsar

    Your pet peeves for what people do in doom

    When players seem to be absolutely allergic to firing their weapon. Thinking mainly of Vinesauce Joel with this one...
  11. whirledtsar

    The Doom Confessional Booth

    I actually find Doom 2's city levels quite cool. They have a non-linearity unmatched by most other maps in the game.
  12. whirledtsar

    The Doom Confessional Booth

    I've beaten it on UV plenty but never tried maxing it. Just tried and boy, things go fine until that fantastic little secret...
  13. whirledtsar

    HexQuak5 for HEXEN Final 5.0

    The first level, Hexquake (which was also uploaded separately and reviewed previously by myself), is awesome. Lots of cool puzzles and stuff to do. But after that things go down hill, fast and hard. The next 4 levels are unnecessarily labyrinthine and full of obtuse switch hunts, unfun boss fights, bizarre new graphics, and terrible English. I don't know what the hell happened, maybe the author crashed his car and got brain damage, losing his ability to design a good level. I recommend just downloading the standalone version of Hexquake.
  14. whirledtsar


    Pretty solid little level. Make your way through the castle collecting gears to open the path to the exit. Nice visuals & architecture (I especially liked all the windows and staircases). Just a bit short and not super creative / unique.
  15. whirledtsar

    Doom Wad Locations.

    How about Greco-Roman? Doom II: Hell In The Mediterranean
  16. whirledtsar

    Max Saga: The Doom Dragon

    Mediocre map with a few quite annoying moments. For example there's lava that you need to cross that you'll want the invulnerability ring for (and I assume the author intended you to grab), but you won't know it exists unless you happen to take one path before the other. There's also a weird part where you need to hit a switch about 6 times, raising a bridge in increments, rather than just hitting it once to raise it fully. Plus there's a timed switch that's nearly impossible to do, and takes many tries, which is extremely unfun. The map in general is just an unfun experience.
  17. whirledtsar

    The Fiery Descent v1.0

    Fun level. The atmosphere & detail are quite well-done. The difficulty is perfectly reasonable, and comes from the hazardous & claustrophobic level design rather than ammo starvation.
  18. Count me in as interested in the possible 2nd episode.
  19. whirledtsar

    Is it still a trap if you know it's coming?

    I kind of like when there is no trap for keys. Because it's such an obvious trap it becomes overly predictable. I prefer when you have to battle to get to the key in the first place, then it's like a reward.
  20. whirledtsar

    The most advanced ZDoom mod?

    I remember it running slowly when I last tried it but I just tested it out now and it ran fine. Must've had multisampling or something on at the time.
  21. whirledtsar


    Very nice-looking wad with liberal but not gaudy use of ZDoom features. The level design is overall solid, although there are a couple annoyances (like having to battle mancubi while sliding around on ice). The 2 boss levels are unfortunately extremely underwhelming & easy, really not worth playing. But the first 5 levels are quite cool.
  22. whirledtsar

    The most advanced ZDoom mod?

    "Runs" is generous given the FPS a mid-tier PC gets
  23. whirledtsar

    Post Your Doom Picture (Part 2)

    Looks awesome. Although it appears Corvus's face is poking out of the HUD on the left side.