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  1. whirledtsar

    Cacodemons live-birth or lay eggs?

    If they reproduce, they must either be asexual, or have a reverse Queen bee situation where the male is hidden away & guarded, since Doomguy has never seen a male Cacodemon in his journeys.
  2. whirledtsar

    Doom Pictures Thread 2020

    Yep, the idea is to recreate the interesting visual & scripted ideas of the map in a new / expanded way.
  3. whirledtsar

    Doom Pictures Thread 2020

    These should look vaguely familiar.
  4. whirledtsar

    Playtesting & Taking Notes

    It seems like it would take longer to open the enemy and add this comment than to open the enemy and change its thing type.
  5. Never played em but they look fine. I find it strange though that Id still sells Doom with a DOSBOX wrapper on Steam, since they could sell their sourceport instead.
  6. Well somebody had to take up the mantle of wanting to censor Doom from Christian fundamentalists.
  7. whirledtsar

    Mappers, which map of yours has the most sectors?

    Hub map for Realms Of Cronos, with 4457 sectors.
  8. Heretic: Spongey enemies. Undead Knights are as frequent as Doom's Imps but take 3-5 crossbow blasts to kill. And Golems are heartier than pinkies. Gargoyles are about the same as Lost Souls, but there's absolutely EVERYWHERE so they feel like a chore. Imagine if every room in Doom had 5 Lost Souls floating around (and you had no SSG). Hexen: Centaurs (as the Cleric or Mage). You dont get a satisfying & efficient way to dispatch them until the 4th weapon as the Cleric (at least hub 3, possibly later), or the 3rd weapon as the Mage (at least hub 2). Theyre not a horrible enemy in concept but there shouldve been more ways to break their defenses. Like the Cleric's Firestorm (how can a shield protect from flames circling all around them?). Hexen 2 (bonus): The busted Egyptian floor pattern puzzle. You have to step on a 3x3 grid of buttons in a specific pattern or you're teleported away (not even to the same room). In another level there's a texture that shows 3 possible patterns. The kicker is that none of them actually work.
  9. whirledtsar

    What's the most annoying thing in the classic DOOM games?

    Randomized damage
  10. whirledtsar

    How do you plan or design wads?

    I draw the basic layout on paper, using lowercase symbols for map elements (eg. lifts), uppercase symbols for actors (monsters & items), and an arrow for the player's possible paths. I also write notes describing the progression and ideas for various scenarios. I have a bad habit of detailing rooms as I go along. This is bad because it creates inertia for removing or reworking rooms that could stand improvement. Blockouts are a better method.
  11. whirledtsar

    Why Aren't Nam And Redneck Rampage Mentioned?

    Because they suck ass, especially in comparison to Duke and Blood, some of the best FPS ever made. Powerslave is much more deserving of appreciation. It doesnt have a humorous theme or interactivity like the famous Build games, but it has some of the best level design of the era.
  12. whirledtsar

    How Come Heretic And Hexen Aren't As Popular As Doom?

    Heretic included 3 DM-specific maps.
  13. whirledtsar

    What enemies can you make with dehacked.

    Rekkr is a (relatively) recent all-Dehacked TC. Some pretty interesting things in there, like wandering flies that you can catch for ammo.
  14. No, they implemented proper rotation into the engine. Or perhaps borrowed it from Quake 2 (I read they were able to backport some of its features). But either way it's real.
  15. Could be, I never noticed much difficulty in walking on ledges in the Doom engine though.
  16. Doom's monsters can have any arbitrary radius and height. In Quake monsters have just a few predefined hitboxes (when it comes to collision with the world), so some monsters are actually much larger than they appear and can't fit through hallways. Also hitboxes never rotate and stay aligned to a grid, so moving on small spaces can be awkward.
  17. whirledtsar

    How Come Heretic And Hexen Aren't As Popular As Doom?

    The expansion just replaces the Archer with an ice reskin. You might actually enjoy it better because the puzzles are simpler and there's an "objectives" feature in case you forget what you're supposed to be doing.
  18. whirledtsar

    bad doom engine games

    What the hell, that appears to be the exact same engine as Powerslave PS1 but with shitty new sprites and screaming.
  19. whirledtsar

    what are you working on? I wanna see your wads.

    Looks cool but the blue splotchiness of the walls is a bit odd/unappealing.
  20. whirledtsar

    bad doom engine games

    You might be thinking of Shadowcaster, a first-person RPG by Raven.
  21. whirledtsar

    bad doom engine games

    To me the least fun official Doom engine game is Strife due to the unsatisfying weapons and annoying hitscan enemies. However, there have been much worse Doom engine games sold on Steam in recent years. Not Hedon, the really shitty ones like Sharpshooter 3D.
  22. whirledtsar

    Post Your Controversial Opinions About Doom

    Why would a new player using a piece of software alleging to be a port of the original be "behooved" to spend their time researching the specifics of how accurate it is? Why would they ever think to google "jumping in Doom" without foreknowledge? It's completely reasonable and not "lazy" for them to jump into a game without research.
  23. whirledtsar

    Post Your Controversial Opinions About Doom

    I dont think the average new Doom player goes on the wiki and watches speedruns before booting up the game for the first time.
  24. whirledtsar


    So can we expect this monumental event to transpire at 12:00 AM EST, the moment it turns April 30th?
  25. whirledtsar

    The City of the Damned : Apocalypse | Remaster | Dev

    I understand what you mean, but the issue is that it may not be clear what the "wrong" way to go is.