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  1. NailGunner

    Fallout: New Vegas

    I've logged well over 100 hours on Fallout 3/Broken Steel/Point Lookout. Really looking forward to New Vegas...
  2. NailGunner

    Ghost Rider trailer

    I'm going to go ahead and agree with you there.
  3. NailGunner

    JonBenet murder allegedly solved

    Hey, I'm not saying he's guilty/not guilty. (Then again they did pick him up in Thailand, the place to be if you're into having sex with children.) Stranger things have happened, though.
  4. NailGunner

    JonBenet murder allegedly solved

    The guy certainly looks the part, but who knows? Maybe he's just some loon looking for is 15 minutes. I saw on CNN last night that he had "insider information" that, apparently, only police knew. Whatever, not like I care. Next fabricated media frenzy, please...
  5. NailGunner

    Pathetic, a REAL 9/11 conspiracy

    I'm well aware that it's an isolated poll of one very small section of the country. I'm just saying that how quickly people can forget such a tragic event after all uproar it caused before is kind of silly.
  6. NailGunner

    Pathetic, a REAL 9/11 conspiracy

    That is pretty fucking sad. Demographs aside, I think it just goes to show how fickle your typical American is when it comes to what's happening in the world. No attention span whatsoever. I can recall seeing the people waving American flags after the attack, swept up in the flurry of nationalism and touting that they'd "never forget". Now some can't recall even what year it happened. Like I said, pretty sad.
  7. I wonder if the heightened security will carry over to American-based airports and airlines? I have to fly halfway across the country in a week...
  8. NailGunner

    Next major technological breakthrough?

    Yeah, that's what I usually do. Cash has been pretty short lately, so I've had to stick with Aristocrat. Pretty harsh stuff; almost have to mix it. Either that, or I just don't drink.
  9. NailGunner

    Next major technological breakthrough?

    Hangover-free vodka.
  10. NailGunner

    Just got "Masters of DooM"...

    You're not missing much... (Edit: The pictures never made it to print, but were released online.)
  11. NailGunner


    Trivial, but true. Nearly put me on my ass...
  12. NailGunner

    age old question, which fast food restaurant?

    Fast food is hardly the cause of the increasing obesity rate, but is merely a factor that reflects a lifestyle of slack and over- convenience that certainly lead to skyrocketing statistics of people being overweight.
  13. NailGunner

    Hall of Shame

    Wow Janderson, that's a hell of a story. I would feel pretty horrible about that, too. Not that it was your fault or anything, as you were merely defending yourself, but it's just a bad situation overall. There was a time about a couple of years ago where a doctors office called my cell phone number in regards to "a serious internal infection that needed immediate treatment." They must have dialed my number by mistake, (or had outdated records of someone who had my phone number before me,) but it sounded pretty serious. A decent person would have called the office back to report the accidental dialing so that the actual person in need could be reached, but I chose to be a complete asshole and just delete the message. Sometimes I wish life had a "mulligan" button, but times like those serve me in the capacity that I now think through my decisions, and who they will impact, all the more.
  14. NailGunner

    age old question, which fast food restaurant?

    Hell yea, man. Nothing beats a homemade burger made on an open grill.
  15. NailGunner

    Serious Sam II

    That is pretty much the story of every Serious Sam game I have played. Tons of outlandish enemies assault you while you blast away with reckless abandon. Kill them, then it’s wash, rinse, and repeat. That’s about it.