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  1. Lyn

    best doom 2 mod

    I don't think something can objectively be the best or not the best, even if everyone agreed on which subjective metric best is being based on. I don't think Brutal Doom is the best for me but I could definitely see an argument for it. There's of course a reason why it got so much attention and it does offer some things I've never seen done exactly the same in other mods so it makes sense for it to be many's favorite. What are we using for the term Doom mod? Do maps count or is this only a discussion about gameplay or cosmetic changes? I think it's pretty hard to compare even just those. For cosmetics, if I had to pick just one standalone I'd probably say SmoothDoom is my favorite. I can't pick a single gameplay mod because I think they all offer pretty different experiences from vanilla Doom, but I like Hearts of Demons - Baron, GMOTA, Lt. Typhon and Doom Delta all quite a bit.
  2. I don't know how controversial this would be here (I know places like Reddit would burn me alive for saying this), but I don't like most of Mick Gordon's modern Doom music, and would go as far as to say I actively dislike some of it. Most of the music people reference as the best I just don't enjoy listening to that much outside of the game and often tone out when playing it. The At Doom's Gate remake just sounds bad to me and I would have preferred something closer to those metal remake albums. It might just be the whole style doesn't work for me. There are some exceptions though, for example I think "The Only Thing They Fear is You" from Eternal is incredibly good. I don't know what that makes that track different but if the rest of the music had whatever that one has for me I think I'd like it a lot more.
  3. The FMA movie is certainly... OK? I guess? I makes a lot of weird changes in order and cuts a lot of (very) important things & characters while also keeping some fairly inconsequential parts for reasons I totally don't understand and rushes a lot of things. A lot of cheesy acting and poor cinematography in some scenes that I feel kills the mood. It also assumes you already know a lot of things from seeing FMA. It doesn't go through the full series (obviously) and leaves at about a halfway point or so with some late stuff moved a lot earlier. I think, personally, it really shines in the visuals if nothing else. Some characters are completely 1-1 and even pull off the weird anime hair well, while a lot of the scenes also look amazing and very true to how they did original. Better than I expected it to be, but I don't think I can really call it a good movie per se. It's probably as good as a direct anime adaptation is going to get right now, though. I'll have to think on it before I have a true opinion, but I know it's at least not total garbage.