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  1. spacepirate

    Wadazine Flag Fest #20 - DOOM2CTF Beta7

    Cool hopefully Ill be awake that's 01:00 at my place im old
  2. spacepirate

    Popular place to frag

    Wow a lot of replies that is cool. Will definitely check those sessions out thanks!
  3. spacepirate

    Popular place to frag

    Hi guys, I am an old doomer and looking for a place where there are plenty of active servers. Preferably Capture the Flag. Does any one have any tips ? Thank you in advance! Spacepirate
  4. spacepirate

    which port is still active on ctf

    so sad it is gone, 10 years ago it was so normal to play those games and now it is gone :(
  5. was wondering because on zandronum its all about complex, on zdaemon its all about sessions and LA WORLDS. Dont know about skulltag. Where can I find these public ctf games with 16 people? I miss those!