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Status Updates posted by Scorpinax

  1. something is coming


  2. specOpsSheetFinish.png.62e973a889931689a59c3b4a85482ca0.pngspecial ops sprites i made


  3. NOT DEAD. Haven't been mapping a whole lot. But I have this completely new thing I'm working on called Outlandish...

    Here's a preview of the first 14 maps of Outlandish. One file has the maps and the other the resources.

  4. Been playing Rimworld a lot lately, hence my lack of DOOM content. I'll get back to it once i get tired of Rimworld (fantastic game btw)

  5. you can get the very early alpha of wacky pack + an enemy guide here




    requires GZDOOM, has 10 levels, has custom music
    an official page will be made when i get it to beta

  6. The Ops are about done. Don't know if 3 is enough variety. 





    1. Scorpinax


      this is for a project/ mod im working on for doom 2 called (as of now) Wacky Pack which features a large number of custom textures and enemies and music. The enemies have 1 angle like wolfenstein and don't infight. 

      its inspired from throwaway titles like bad toys 3d and others 

  7. diligent work is paying off for me!


  8. 3 new maps are finished for Chokehold!   (22, 23, 24)
    Waiting until i finish some more maps to update the download link


    Here's some screenshots of Map 25: Kull Spaceship until them, this ones still a wip



    map 22: The Collector
    map 23: LSD Nightmarescape
    map 24: Repentance 


    This version contains a new gun, the last new thing im adding to Chokehold. It's the Karasawa, an extremely powerful and very rare weapon that can only be found a handful of times throughout the entire wad. It decimates bosses with its alt-fire




  9. Early screen for map24: Repentance 


  10. Chokehold Test version 2 is out... 

    I would much appreciate anyone testing and giving me feedback, particularly maps 17-21!




  11. Chokehold update soon. Needs a final round of testing before i push it out. Release one had maps 1-16. Second release adds maps 17-21. Hopefully can get it out within 2 weeks

  12. small status updates on chokehold:

    +Map 06: extra detail added to some areas.
    +Map 08: extra detail added to some areas.
                   fixed the mean 'trick' items, so 100% items possible now

                   added alternate, no platform route. needed for 100% kills
    +Map 09: extra detail

    Map ?: Spelunking nears completion.
    maps  17 18 19 near completion
    wicked city moved to map21 and postponed (bored of that map)
    spelunking will be the new map 20

    these notes are mostly for me but if anyone finds them interesting i'm pleased

  13. A project I spent about a year and a half on is totally ruined... But Chokehold has finally come out of hiatus because I'm no quitter. So I guess there's that at least.

    Enjoy this topdown view of a map called Machina for now. Slow but steady!


    1. Scorpinax


      Scorpbonusmapbase is gone. 15 something odd maps with varying degrees of effort, just gone due to a serious code issue that fucked everything. I may be repurposing some of the maps at some point, some of them were way too good not to.

    2. Scorpinax


      Thanks man :)    
      The glitch is pretty odd, for some reason every level performs as if all ammo pickups are double pickups and crashes when hitting max ammo for any weapon. I spent a good chunk of time trying to figure out why but gave up: the amount of custom content in the wad is ridiculous and it could be any one of a number of things.
      Really it just forced me to focus in on my big project though


  14. I'm NOT dead boys! Just letting everyone know that im only just now getting back into mapping after a hiatus. Trying to warm up with some silly nonsensical maps.

    A map affectionately referred to as 'Nana Puddin.


  15. Chokehold Status update....

    Currently focusing efforts on three maps. 17, 18 and 19.

    Map17 : Vision Quest  (roughly 70% finished)

    Map18: Wetdarkbase (roughly 50% finished)

    Map19: Wicked City (roughly 30% finished)


    I don't know if anyone will actually read this, but when these maps are finished (and progress is slow going) i will release a new version with these 3 maps, as well as some minor graphical and item changes in other maps. Cheers!

  16. First Alpha of Chokehold has been put up for download... Hooray!

  17. For some reason I can't comment on topics ?

    1. Misty


      You reached your posting limits, but don't worry after 24 hours you'll be able to post as usual. It's mostly prevent spam and trolling from new and fresh accounts, which happened in the past. 

    2. Scorpinax


      Thank you very much for the information! I really tried to find the answer on the site for about an hour to no avail. I thought maybe it was a limit.

    3. Misty


      Well, you're not first who asks this. I wish that there would be F.A.Q for new people with explanation why these changes were added. 

  18. #include "zcommon.acs"