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  1. Scorpinax

    Slime maps are a vibe

    I've made a few maps centered around slime, having a damaging liquid featured in levels can make for interesting map design
  2. Scorpinax

    Doom Pictures Thread 2023

  3. something is coming


  4. Scorpinax

    Unpopular Doom Opinions

    My main complaint with DOOM 1 is the enemy variety, and just making the monsters faster isn't going to solve that.
  5. Scorpinax

    Is Borrowing Assets Considered Stealing?

    Really it depends on who you ask, but in general if the author didn't explicitly say "don't use this" and you've attempted to contact them you're in the clear, at least in my eyes, as long as you're using it for non commercial purposes.. Be prepared to remove it if the author ever responds and says no though
  6. Scorpinax

    Unpopular Doom Opinions

    Doom 1 is boring, I've played through it a few times and by about 6 maps in my eyes start to water. Shotgunning the same handful of enemies over and over becomes a chore pretty quickly
  7. Scorpinax

    Is DOOM 2 meant to be played continuously?

    I think the reason so many people make maps pistol startable is that its just easier as the designer. Otherwise when testing you'd need to play through the other maps up to that map and figure out *roughly* how much ammo the player would have, then spawn that in and go from there.
  8. Scorpinax

    Snow Crash

    This is quite nice for a first attempt at mapping. Great job! I loved all the little details and how the maps areas connected together. There was a lot of detail that didn't rely on an over abudance of sectors. Other than some of the icicle textures not showing on the back side, I didn't see anything off. If you're looking to make the fights harder, I advise stricter control over ammo, as you can walk into the last fight with 600 plasma and an abundance of rockets I was expecting about twice as much opposition. But don't feel like you're doing something wrong if the map isn't hard: there's absolutely nothing wrong at all with a map thats on the easier side. Overall its ridiculously clean for a first attempt at mapping. You should be proud and definitely keep mapping, you'll make even greater things if you do!
  9. Scorpinax

    Opinion on this monster?

    I love the Hellion. Its basically just an imp with a stronger fireball, so you can put it anywhere on a map. Also, it has beautiful animations.
  10. Scorpinax

    Early maps you've made.

    This is an intriguing topic. One of the earliest maps I made that still survives today is Map 02 of Chokehold, Aimless Wanderings. I don't know exactly how old this map is but its gotta be at least 9 years old at this point. Like most of my early maps its very small and jam packed with monsters. I jumped right into adding custom monsters so you'll see them in the map. ^ The main hallway is filled with pinkies and red pinkies that shoot bouncing shots, with an elevator up. ^ This area made me laugh because its literally just a hallway with doors filled with enemies. Hardly any detail and two cacos ambush you at the end. ^ The Entire map. Its not bad for how little I knew about the editor, I think.
  11. Scorpinax

    Do you obsessively playtest your own maps?

    I spend more time playtesting than I do making the map. Maybe that means they're just fun to play or maybe im dodging responsibility to finish the damn map.
  12. Scorpinax

    Doom Pictures Thread 2023

  13. On a scale of one to ten, how purist are you when it comes to your preferred way of playing classic DOOM? 1- will play anything with the doom engine 10- absolute purist, classic controls only, no extra enemies/weapons/mechanics Some things to consider: -do you play with autoaim or do you use mouselook? -do map sets that incorporate jumping and crouching as something you HAVE to do bother you? -does it bother you if a map set has some things in it that don't perfectly fit the DOOM style? -do scaled sprites bother you? Do you want everything that old doom pixel way? -Do custom monsters or weapons affect your enjoyment of the wad you're playing? -do you prefer the music to be MIDI? I'm curious because I've seen it both ways here.
  14. Scorpinax

    Share Your Sprites!

    Gib death for the realm667 Rottweiler. (credit to Captain Toenail for the original)
  15. Scorpinax

    What makes classic DOOM scary?

    Despite it's seemingly outdated graphics, DOOM I and DOOM II manage to maintain a very well composed atmosphere of tension. Of course there were obvious attempts to be frightening or at least shocking: butchered and hanging corpses lie around a lot of the levels and you're oftentimes literally walking through Hell itself. Obviously, after sinking dozens if not hundreds of hours into DOOM the enemies tend to lose some of their scare factor: after you've dissected them in and out and learned exactly how many rockets it takes to fell a Mancubus. the scares aren't quite as fresh. But even with thousands of hours sunk into the game, I find myself experiencing that unique type of fear DOOM creates fairly often: a combination of "this is pretty horrifying" and "I can very easily die here, oh shit oh shit". What gives these games their edge, an edge many games that focus entirely on reproducing fail to recreate? What component is the most crucial in maintaining this edge?
  16. Scorpinax

    How come the monsters don't run out of ammo?

    now im imagining a scenario where a shotgun zombie runs out of ammo and grabs a box of shells before you do
  17. Scorpinax

    Share Your Sprites!

    Female Special Operative, based off the assassins from half life 1. Credit to Virtue, I used the Crash sprite set as a base. In addition to the normal animations she also has a teleport animation and grenade tossing animation. This is my first time posting anything i've sprited so i hope you all like it. Here's a drive link to a rar file with all the sprites already cut out and transparent: Here
  18. Scorpinax

    Doomworld Members' Sketchbook

    Working on a drawing of Selkis from the 90s fps Powerslave..
  19. Scorpinax

    [Sprites] Stopsignal's Beastiary

    Just wanted to say I absolutely love your Sprite work and especially your monsters! I'm always finding myself wanting to use them in custom maps.
  20. Scorpinax

    Thinking about not continuing my megawad.

    Not every map needs to be amazing. Also, they dont have to be 20 minutes long either: theres absolutely nothing wrong with smaller maps, you can focus more detail that way. And generally speaking making your maps shorter makes them a lot more palatable. I'm way more likely to play more maps, even if they're not great, if they're short ones.
  21. Scorpinax

    Where would you sleep in Doom?

    I'd sleep inside the icon of sin next to john romero's head.
  22. Cyber demon smacks basically every other monster. Only the mastermind has any chance, and if "Gotcha!" taught me anything it's that the cyber still wins most of the time. On a term of pure combat usefulness though, I'd say the Archie. Super strong attack. Cant be targeted. And most importantly, he cant rez enemies or blast your ass sky high while he is occupied with some other target. So I almost always try to get them to infight if I can, gives me a little breathing room for a while.
  23. So today, I had a revelation while adding enemies for different difficulty levels in a map and I wanted to know if anyone knows if it's been done before. You can very easily make sections of a map only appear on certain difficulties with crushers and enemy triggers. Example: if you play on Ultraviolence or higher, an imp starts in a far away room consisting only of a crusher. The imp dies and lowers down walls to reveal a new section of the map, harder and only accessible on UV. You can can even make all the pickups and enemies within only spawn on UV so it doesnt affect the counters for kills or items. Thoughts on this?
  24. Scorpinax

    How much of a DOOM purist are you?

    Oh wow, I just love that setup you have going there. Is that dwarf fortress? And I see some smash amiibos I think, very aesthetically pleasing and I imagine a very 90s experience for doom haha.