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  1. GenoCL


    Editing my post. I don't want it to be taken the wrong way.
  2. GenoCL


    Oohhh this was the stream where Joel played my map. I still feel super bad to this day for that script I forgot to edit where Joel died in the last cutscene. I actually had that fixed but kept multiple different copies of my map at different states and submitted the one with that mistake. Now I think my map was kinda bad and I tried a lot of different ambitious shit considering it was my first map instead of just keeping stuff simple but well, at least I shaped the idea I had in my mind for so long.
  3. GenoCL

    Looking to play and record your maps

    Hi! Here I'm leaving some screenshots showing the beginning of my map and how lights should look. Again, I'm not too sure about the GZDoom settings for them, but surely it has something to do with the OpenGL renderer. https://imgur.com/a/Btixn Also, now I'm starting a new map based on another IM song, right now I'm looking for the right midi and then I'll draw the map on paper first. Hope you like it when it's done! The TITLEPIC is based on the cover of Brave New World since the song is in that album.
  4. GenoCL

    Looking to play and record your maps

    Hi! I'm super late replying to this because I never came back to the forums until now. Sure, in a future post soon enough I'll provide some highlights screenshots. As of what I was running, it was the latest GZDoom back then with Hardware Acceleration: OpenGL Accelerated, I'm not too sure if that's what achieves those lights.
  5. GenoCL

    Looking to play and record your maps

    Kinda late mentioning this but in your video I asked you about your brightness and OpenGL settings because this was how the map is supposed to look which adds to the experience.
  6. GenoCL

    Looking to play and record your maps

    Hi! I'm Dance of Death's creator. Thanks for all your words! This is my first map so all criticism is welcome. I actually tried to find a way to stop the enemies in the last maze while the cutscene plays but I couldn't, I think there's a script line to freeze everything and not just the player so instead I expected the player to kill everything before proceeding. I know I SHOULDN'T expect stuff. Maybe I can just script the doors to force-close so no enemies enter. After all you're just before the boss. As for the ammo, I left a lot of shells in the maze because in one of my runs I ran out there and the enemies take a lot of damage, other people also told me ammo was too tight by that part. Also yeah, you're right, by the maze I got kinda lazy since I was so close to finishing the map. Never encountered the disappearing floor glitch tho, I'll run my map a couple more times to see how to trigger it. I hope Joel let's me resubmit the wad with the fixes. Circlestrafing and Infighting were the name of the game while designing the rooms there, for instance in the battle before getting the Red Skull you can just grab rockets and potions while the enemies battle you. I also expected players to grab the Inv+Berserk when the Cacos appear. Thanks again for your criticism! I'm hoping to do more Iron Maiden maps in the future. I'm seeing an idea in Out of the Silent Planet...