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  1. Chrissie


    And there was me thinking you had two years of love and happiness! But, again, im just weird.
  2. I tend to pronounce it ROSS but then I'm just weird. Catalanaus-oopy xxx
  3. Chrissie

    Doomworld member photos, post here

    http://zarcyb.ardana.net/photos/newer%20photos/ross+christine.jpg even though this wont work probably... haha im sorry ross, i know u hate this photo, quite sweet though.. suck suck mmm strawberry (lolly)
  4. Chrissie

    DooM Shareware Boxes

    "heh, zarcyb, did you happen to read chrissie's sig?" i can spell!!! not very well tho "This is a forum for Doom fans. You should expect such things being posted here. If you don't like the smell in here you are free to leave." i dont know what doom is really,ive probably played it but i just came here cos i was interested, cos ross likes it, nothing wrong with that!
  5. Chrissie

    DooM Shareware Boxes

    hmm let me see... oh yes. i care