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  1. Bridgeburner56

    The Age of Hell (megawad)

    There might be some elements drawn from Doom Eternal. We are still focusing on keeping it closer to classic Doom gameplay though
  2. Person no one should care about does dumb shit on the internet part 5602
  3. Bridgeburner56

    Doom Streams

    More Doom mapping! Mapwich related chores and then Age of Hell https://www.twitch.tv/bridgeburner56
  4. Bridgeburner56

    DOOM Eternal -- *still* no ray tracing?!?

    I love it when people get called on their bullshit and have to fall back on the "LUL I'm joking!!!1111!! Can't you take a joke I can't believe you fell for it TROLOLOLOL" line. Come back when you've moved out of your mother's basement.
  5. Bridgeburner56

    Ultraviolence = HARD

    I think subtle changes to resources given per pick up, damage taken, agression levels etc can be a good way to balance a game but it needs to be actually designed as part of the game/mod. No just random mutators slapped on. Doom Eternal does this well. The enemies agression levels and how often they use their power attacks changes based on the difficulty chosen. This means that people playing on a lower difficulty will get a similar 'feel' while having it balanced to the various skill levels of the player base. As Bauul pointed out, the double Marauder fight would be wildly different if the number of marauders was changed. But by tweaking their behaviour, everyone can experience the same "holy fuck" moment without it being a massive difficulty spike (either way) on some difficulties. This will actually be a mechanic that we will explore for Age of Hell, tweaking monster behaviour based on difficulty settings. However difficulties are balanced I think the primary goal should be trying to give all players a similar experience on the various difficulties. That way you're not 'missing out' if you play on a lower difficulty (which is why a lot of people seem to play on UV, to get the 'full experience').
  6. Bridgeburner56

    The ULTIMATE Master WAD Guide

    Epic effort my friend. Also LOL @ chaotic evil
  7. Bridgeburner56

    Ultraviolence = HARD

    Thanks Not Jabba, that means a lot coming from you.
  8. Bridgeburner56

    The Age of Hell (megawad)

    B O U N C E
  9. Bridgeburner56

    Half-Life 1 Or 2?

    I find both of the Half Life games pretty dull but HL2 is a bit more enjoyable. Better environments, better story telling and marginally better combat encounters in the sequel, although I still find it very repetitive.
  10. Bridgeburner56

    the f#ck that thread

    I'm sorry why does this thread exist
  11. Bridgeburner56

    Come Eat The Mapwich 2!!! Public beta out now!

    @Baronvonchateau good luck with 19, keep in mind that it's going to be moved to a secret map for the final release due to it's ... somewhat difficult nature :D Glad you're enjoying it
  12. Unholy Cathedral from Deus Vult II. As close to perfection as a map can get. The organ fight alone is worth the price of admission
  13. Bridgeburner56

    Come Eat The Mapwich 2!!! Public beta out now!

    That final fight is definitely an area that benefits from turning down the Supercharge vfx.
  14. Dead Simple is not only good, it is an iconic map
  15. Bridgeburner56

    Cacowards 2020 Mentionation Thread

    Gonna second RJD's call and pick @PRIMEVAL for creator of the year. Unmatched quality in his musical compositions and a tireless creator.