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  1. hey bridgeburner quick question from me the beginer builder too u an advanced pro

    i alwase get to some irratating part in my maps which arnt that great where something just stops working im gonna ask you for your advice and send you the map i did and why the hell cant i progress as i try harder everytime???? im a bit frustrated but just when u got the time check out and maybe coach me on  a few pointers plz  ,,ur great ....Spidermanfinal.zip

  2. Curious how much Hordamex has now. Gotta be in the double digits range.
  3. Bridgeburner56

    Trouble getting ideas for maps

    I did a podcast episode on creativity and inspiration. Might help
  4. Bridgeburner56

    VALIS (32-Map Singleplayer Megawad) [beta]

    A much better way to do this would be using ACS. Just have a looping script that changes textures when you need it to. https://zdoom.org/wiki/SetLineTexture
  5. Bridgeburner56

    Doom Pictures Thread 2022

    Age of Hell is well on its way to having a full bespoke texture set thanks to @Velvetic and @Insane_Gazebo. Currently being put to good use for the new tutorial section for the next demo update
  6. Bridgeburner56

    Hordamex: 1.0 is OUT!!

    Epic stuff. This has been a blast to help with
  7. Bridgeburner56

    Fake software look in recent games

    Perhaps these were marketed poorly or just bad games, because there's been success after resounding success for indie developers making what they are passionate about. Cultic has a 99% postive rating after over 1000 reviews on Steam in less than a week. All of New Blood's games were rated at overwhelmingly positive (I think Gloomwood has just slipped to very positive oh noes). Prodeus is 95% positve after almost 3500 reviews. The market has spoken and it likes these products.
  8. Bridgeburner56

    Fake software look in recent games

    Or you could let the artist create what they want. No one is forcing you to partake. For everyone complaining about some perceived global trend in indie fps design tropes, watching Realms Deep will show you that there is anything but. More variety than you'd know what to do with.
  9. Bridgeburner56

    Doomworld has been compromised.

    I showed you my many files, please respond
  10. Bridgeburner56

    How much detail do you put into your architecture?

    I think if there is a use case for finding "the line" when it comes to detailing then I'm it. I have yet to encounter said line. The ultimate decision is what do you find fun. What level of detail do you like using. If you enjoy what you're making then all other considerations are less important. That being said there is a time cost for high detail maps. Bastion of Chaos took me about 400 hours to make (including testing and bug fixing). But I enjoy it so I do it.
  11. Bridgeburner56

    How to get good?

    Getting good at a computer game follow the same rules as getting good at a sport. The sweet spot for skill development is in pushing yourself to do things that are just a bit outside of your current comfort zone. This is the zone where you struggle, but also learn new things and are rewarded with success. Where that sweet spot is varies from person to person, and from learning curve to learning curve. Skill development follows a rise > plateau > rise > plateau pattern. If you've just beaten Doom 2 but Plutonia is slapping you around too much then the sweet spot might be something like Scythe. You can also practice/learn some key mechanics. The two big moments for me were master efficient BFG shots and learning how to use the rocket launcher in close quarters. Sunder map 15 and 16 were the ones that really pushed me in that regard and helped drive me to get better.
  12. Bridgeburner56

    Doomworld has been compromised.

    Can the hacker please tell me my password because I forgot it.
  13. Bridgeburner56

    Who is reading the bowl?

    Points for trying
  14. Bridgeburner56

    Do you have any mapping gimmick trademark?

    Ya got me there
  15. Keep it on topic thanks. Starting to think some of the people posting here are younger than OP's nephew. Oh, and in response to the original question: Lullaby by Danlex, Coma Moonlight by Stormcatcher