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Sir Hattington

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  1. Sir Hattington

    Castle Brainrot

    I like how the map looks; but with simple encounters consisting of only zombiemen and shotgunners, the gameplay isn't the most interesting. I played this map in DOS and I found multiple hall of mirror bugs: Overall I did enjoy my short time with this map, and I hope to see more.
  2. Sir Hattington

    Castle Of Flesh (Short map)

    ☑ Castle ☑ Flesh I'd say everything checks out. Anyways, I quite enjoyed this map and I liked the aesthetic; It reminds me of 90's WADs. But I do have a few gripes. The blue key seems redundant, all it does is open a small room with a pathetic two shotgunner ambush and the red key. I think the place where you get the blue key should just have the red key. Or the blue key room could be expanded. You can softlock yourself if you run backwards out of the crushing ceiling room. More enemy and weapon variety would be good.
  3. Sir Hattington

    The Octagon

    This map is so poorly made that one can only wonder if you're a troll. The textures are so misaligned that they look like they were intentionally made that way. The gameplay so basic that a toddler could play it. The extensive use of STARTAN2, graphical glitches, and other ugly and poorly used textures assaulting the eyes. And it is truly beautiful. For what this first(?) map completely lacks in design. It makes up for in droves with it's absolute comedy, hilarity, and pure heart. Thank you for your contribution to this fine forum.
  4. Sir Hattington

    Hell Complex (My first DOOM II mod!)

    I enjoyed these maps, although I think they could have used more verticality and more of the bigger fights should have forced the player to enter the room so they couldn't be as easily cheesed by shooting the monsters from the doorway. My favorite map was MAP05, the music was a banger. I don't think you should try to make a megawad. Megawads are hard work, and the majority of them have multiple people working on them. Maybe when you are more skilled you can make one, but I think trying to make a megawad now is a recipe for disaster.
  5. Sir Hattington

    Los Bastardos, A single level GZDoom wad

    There are places you forgot to texture, but other than that it's okay.
  6. Sir Hattington

    Take Back Mars V1.2 - Doom 2 - GZDoom

    Post it in this thread
  7. Sir Hattington

    Preview of towinthegame.wad

    This is one of the most worthless, zero effort WADs I have ever played. 10/10
  8. If i'm able to cheese something than it's the map maker's fault and I can abuse it all I want.
  9. Sir Hattington

    Take Back Mars V1.2 - Doom 2 - GZDoom

    You can force the player to fight the cyberdemons (and the other monsters) by trapping the cybers in the middle and putting a key or switch there. Although there really isn't enough ammo to do the the fight even with all the secrets.
  10. Sir Hattington

    The Factory (FACTORY.wad)

    A fun map; I played on UV and had no problems with ammo. Also, the doors are too thick. It looks un-natural, I would recommend making them 16 map units thick.
  11. Sir Hattington

    Take Back Mars V1.2 - Doom 2 - GZDoom

    It's a nice map for a first attempt but the enhanced lighting looks pretty cheesy in my opinion. I would definitely use height variations, you're not making this map in Wolfenstein 3D, you know. Your map also suffers from the "boxes separated by doors" syndrome. And I would personally give the player the super shotgun earlier, fighting the higher health enemies with the shotgun is more annoying than challenging. Also, its pretty easy to just run past the last fight.
  12. Sir Hattington

    The Coconut Trials 2

    There's no coconuts 0/10
  13. Sir Hattington

    Front Wesk

    I don't know what a wesk is, but I do know that this map looks good, and plays good. I also know And the elevators are pretty neat too
  14. Sir Hattington

    A relatively small tech base made in Windows XP

    The room with the red key switch is redundant. There should be some enemies in there, or the door it opens should just open with the red key itself.
  15. Sir Hattington

    My WADs

    I see, thanks.