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  1. What textures weird you out?
  2. GatEs: a Microsoft Windows 9x themed Doom mod Beta version 4: The map redesign update by Johnny Peterson (Sir Hattington) 8/8/2018-11/17/2018 Jumping and crouching is required. GatEs is a non-serious Doom mod where you Play as Bill Gates in a 8 level long quest to fight off PC Optimization Inc. (the company the scammers work for.) And their viruses. (maybe including somebody else...) Story: The world has been attacked by malware! And its hitting hard, PCs are geting attacked left and right by every computer virus imaginable! And the culprit is the tech support scammers who have stolen some of Microsoft's tech, and is trying to take over the world! So you (Bill Gates) must fight these viruses, fight the tech support scammers, and restore PCs that are counting on you Bill. Cut and paste until its done... :Update log!: .Added the redesigned Map01 (Microsoft's office) .Removed maps 2 and 3 for redesigning .Added the WinShooter .Added the WinShot .Added the WinRepeater .Added the WinPropulser .Added the WinDestroyer .Added the SYSKEY tool .Changed Windows Vista's health to 100 (formally 400) .Fixed a bug where projectiles would shoot from the enemy's feet .New title screen music .New credit screen added .Changed the Tech Support Scammer's fire rate to fit with the SYSKEY tool's .New textures .Added MS Bob .Added Rover .New item sprites Get it here: GatEs beta v4.zip
  3. Hey there, GatEs beta V3 is out and ready for playtesting! GatEs is a Microsoft Windows themed doom wad where you play as Bill Gates and fight off viruses and tech support scammers. Change log: Fixed a bug where map03 would not load after beating map02 GatEs: A Microsoft Windows Themed Doom wad by Johnny Peterson (Sir Hattington) 2018 GatEs Beta V3.zip
  4. This is my first Doom map released to the internet, Spooky Scary Revanants where you go on an adventure to murder all the stupid Revenants and win the game. I am a memelord.

    Spooky Scary Revanants.zip

    1. Gothic


      >no screenshots

      >no proper forum post


      into the TRASH it goes.

    2. KVELLER


      You should make a thread and provide extra information if you want it to get noticed.