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  1. Sir Hattington

    Onslaught from the Base (Doom II wad)

    That was great fun. But I don't think this map's difficulty is 6/10 it's more like a 2 or 3/10. And the pinky + super shotgun fights got boring after the first time. I hope to see more of your maps.
  2. Sir Hattington

    Experiment: a small level

    Exellent map, very fun, Its great. The only complaints I have is the odd use of STARTAN2 and there only being one Cacodemon in the whole level.
  3. Sir Hattington

    Decorate error problem

    It worked. Thanks :)
  4. Sir Hattington

    Decorate error problem

    I have a problem, while working on my Doom mod: Gates, I was making a rocket launcher like projectile that is like a wall. but when I try to run the WAD in GZDoom g3.7.2 legacy it gives me the error: "Script error, "GatEs.wad:DECORATE" line 757: '@property@actor' is an unknown actor property" I have tried many things but I don't know why it gives me this error. Here is the Decorate part that is causing problems: Actor RedBrickWall { Radius 31 Height 56 Speed 20 Damage 20 Projectile +DEHEXPLOSION DeathSound "weapons/rocklx" States { Spawn: WA11 A 1 Loop Death: MISL B 8 Bright A_Explode MISL C 6 Bright MISL D 4 Bright Stop } } If you need me to lend over more information I will be happy to.
  5. I'm sorry about my word choice and tone, I was in a really bad mood when I played the map, causing small things that annoyed me to be magnified to a ridiculous amount, making me more angry in the process. Anyways, I still think that the map is too crowded, it still feels very abstract. But I'm not a big fan of puzzle maps anyways, so it wasn't the best idea for me to play this when I was in a bad mood. And about me calling you a liar. I originally thought that it took you 25 years to make the map because of the part of the text file when it says "The same nightmare for the last 25 years!" I was not really reading in between the lines, and I thought you were talking about the map being the same nightmare for 25 years. The "other arguments that I don't feel like typing" made a lot more sense with the 25 year number, but after doing a bit of digging I realized the number was 20 years. The E1M1 thing was an estimate, so it was not really grounded by anything concrete. I edited the post to say 20 years. But 20 years seems very realistic, and there is evidence of the 20 year number. I hope that you don't still see me as a dickhead.
  6. Sir Hattington

    here's a wad that i made some months ago called uacbase enjoy!

    A below average map beat it in 8:00, the ending was anti-climatic with the imp. The biggest problem I have with it is the odd texture choice in a lot of places. The Wolfenstien 3D secret was cool, even though it was not tagged as a secret. Also, it's bad to spam the forums, all that will do is make people hate you, and eventually you get banned. If people are interested in your map, they will keep it at the front page.
  7. Sir Hattington

    Steele Computer Lab [my first WAD]

    Loved it, the big battles were great. Beat in 21:43
  8. I played it and got further than most people here so far. This map is really dumb, if you want to progress anywhere to have to hump every wall, or constantly use your automap. The useless detail gets you stuck on edges, you managed to make something as simple as moving annoying. The map is not even that hard it's just not fun to play. The map is crowded and claustrophobic. Maybe instead of using the 20 years you had to add useless details and linedefs, which make a cacophony of lift noises and teleports, driving anybody who plays this map insane, you could have made the map actually fun. And on the note of you taking 20 years to make this. I have a hard time believing that. The map is only about the size of five E1M1s. The map may have much more stuff in a small space than ID's maps. But as I said, you should of spent the time you had making the map fun, the map does not even look that good anyways, it just looks like you tried to slam as many things as you could into a tight space using stock doom assets. I could go on about the many other reasons that I think it did not take you 20 years to make this map, but I don't feel like typing that out right now. Anyways, ether you worked ridiculously slow on this map and it took you 20 years to finally finish it, or you are flat out lying.
  9. Sir Hattington

    ArkaDOOM 0.3.1 Demo

  10. Sir Hattington

    Hell Invasion on Mars UPDATED

    I just played v1.1 of your map. I think that the secret should have a light amplification visor, because otherwise the secret is kind of useless. It only gives you a med kit, green armor and a chainsaw, (the chainsaw is totally useless.)
  11. I forgot to add the actual file, I am an Idiot and I am doing that right now.
  12. GatEs: a Microsoft Windows 9x themed Doom mod Beta version 5: The 40% done update by Sir Hattington 8/8/2018-9/13/2019 Jumping and crouching is required. GatEs is Doom mod where you Play as Bill Gates in a 8 level long quest (only three levels are done to fight off PC Optimization Inc. and their viruses. (maybe including somebody else...) Story: The world has been attacked by malware! And its hitting hard, PCs are getting attacked left and right by every computer virus imaginable! And the culprit is the tech support scammers who have stolen some of Microsoft's tech, and is trying to take over the world! So you (Bill Gates) must fight these viruses, fight the tech support scammers, and restore PCs that are counting on you Bill. Cut and paste until its done... Change log: .Added redesigned MAP02 .Added redesigned MAP03 .More enemies .More sprites .More textures .So much stuff that I can't recall it off the top of my head Screenshots: GatEs Beta v5.zip
  13. Sir Hattington

    Hell Invasion on Mars UPDATED

    I liked the gray brick part. I don't really have anything else to say.