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Sir Hattington

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  1. Sir Hattington

    My new Doom 2 map.

    Great map, not very hard though
  2. Sir Hattington

    base of hell

    Definitely not a troll, one hundred percent legit 11/10 WAD featuring D_RUNNIN & STARTAN2 !
  3. Sir Hattington

    Slith - New level: The Arch Cloister

    Okay, I just opened up the WAD in SLADE3, and saw immediately saw MAPINFO and other ZDoom stuff in a "vanilla" WAD (Still using the WAD called "Slith Vanilla.wad"), But I removed that stuff and attempted to play the WAD again in DOSBox and when when I got past the main menu the game instantly visplane overflowed. This WAD is definitely not vanilla. I think this is just a misunderstanding by the author, It appears they thought the vanilla moniker referred to the game play rather than the compatibility, and while vanilla technically can refer to game play, It is usually used to refer to a WAD's compatibility, so calling this WAD vanilla is a bit misleading.
  4. Sir Hattington

    Slith - New level: The Arch Cloister

    "Wow a vanilla WAD, my favorite!" *Attempts to open Slith Vanilla.wad in DOSbox* Bad V_DrawPatchDirect "Oh."
  5. Sir Hattington

    E1M1 Shareware version 0.99

  6. Sir Hattington

    Decimator - Four level Doom WAD

    You can get visplane overflowed on E2M2. Otherwise a fun map set.
  7. Sir Hattington

    Do you play a lot of 90's wads?

    I play a lot of WADs from the 90's, and 95% of the deathmatch maps I play are the DWANGO map packs from the 90's.
  8. Sir Hattington

    Source ports on Windows XP

    I'm pretty sure that if you are using a 32-bit version of Windows XP you can run the original MS-DOS executables natively so you would not need a source port.
  9. Sir Hattington

    Lost soul limit outside of demos: yay or nay?

    I have the limit enabled because it's vanillaâ„¢. And I also hate lost souls/pain elementals.
  10. Sir Hattington

    Quick Rant

    brutal doom sucks
  11. Sir Hattington

    Slaying is fun.wad

    You can see what key is bound to take screenshots in your keybind settings menu.
  12. Sir Hattington

    The Button in the Pillar in E1M1

    @OsmanProHD If you add me on Steam here I WON'T give you a link where you can NOT download the Ultimate Doom IWAD.
  13. Sir Hattington

    Short gothic doom map

    I Played this map in vanilla MS-DOS Doom 2 with only the custom textures on HMP with 97% kills, 0% secrets, and in 4:37 I don't have much to say on the map itself. It was fun and fairly challenging, 6/10 I'll just list some bugs that occur in vanilla. This floor gets messed up, it's the only consistent glitch i could find.
  14. Sir Hattington

    Advice on programming custom weapons?

    If you want to make custom weapons for Zdoom and friends this tutorial is pretty good. If you want to make vanilla custom weapons this tutorial by DoomKid is great.
  15. Sir Hattington

    Temple of Vanth (single map - first map for me)

    Why is this in UDMF format?
  16. Sir Hattington

    Weapons stay after dying? (DOOM 2)

    You have autosave on.
  17. https://www.doomworld.com/idgames/levels/doom/v-z/wow
  18. Sir Hattington

    Found this old Wad Ive done,

  19. Sir Hattington

    what is the best way to control doom

    If you don't play Doom with this than your not a true Doomer
  20. Sir Hattington

    My Doom-Themed Wallpaper

    Here's the original image https://www.deviantart.com/kracov/art/Bliss-Doom-HD-159687664
  21. Sir Hattington

    Ultraviolence = HARD

    Doom is a good bit easier than Wolfenstein 3D.
  22. Sir Hattington

    My friend and I are doing a challenge

    The lowest price circling hearts killer exclusive on backpack.tf is going for 80 keys (~150 USD)
  23. Sir Hattington

    Hells Keep: My first uploaded map (WIP)

    There's already a Doom IWAD map with the same name https://doomwiki.org/wiki/E3M1:_Hell_Keep_(Doom)
  24. Sir Hattington

    React To The Profile Pic Above You

    his haircut looks kinda weird