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  1. Hadeumdi

    Team Mamtech Hiring

    I've been using Legacy since the wicked early versions, and never had a problem with it, not even once, not even using shitty XP. So right now it is my favourite port.. and looking at this project, it has great potential. I'm probably too busy to apply seeing as I'm in college... but who knows.
  2. Hadeumdi

    Ultimate Gaming PC... are you SURE you have too?

    I think I shuld mention though that I am not worried about it- currently I can manage to run the alpha at a damn spiffy res with 90 fps.
  3. Hadeumdi

    Ultimate Gaming PC... are you SURE you have too?

    I agree that it's the framerate that really matters. After all which would you prefer, missing segments of the animations or seeing pixelated enemies?
  4. Hadeumdi

    Skulltag release TOMORROW!!!

    It's been a while since I've done CTF.. I'm looking forward to the new maps!
  5. Hadeumdi

    v0.94b Release Party

    YES! I've been waiting a loooooong time for this...
  6. Hadeumdi

    doom... next??

    Don't bother with a quake port. If you want the ablities of quake with the unsurpassable superiority of Doom, just wait till Doom3 comes out.
  7. Hadeumdi


    That sure is sad... high-quality Doom gfx changes are always hard to come by. Most of the wads I've seen, despite good levels and programming, seem to keep using the same weapon gfx. Personally I think importing weapons from other games has gone a little too far, and I'd like to see more original stuff. Whenever I make new Doom weaps I model them from scratch myself in a 3D program, and I'd like to see more people doing the same.
  8. Hadeumdi

    When did you first play doom?

    I worship Doom because of what it did for me. The first time I played Doom was when I went over to my best friend's house and saw Doom2- it had probably been out a full year, but up to that point I hadn't noticed, being that I had no experience with computer games and really didn't care about them. Once I saw that game I was hooked. I had to play it, dominate it, manipulate it, and forge it into the ultimate expression of my soul. After becoming skilled at map making (though I keep putting off public releases) I decided to go to college and major in video game design. I'm now a freshman in the perfect school for me, doing what I love- and I owe it all to Doom.
  9. Hadeumdi

    Missing .dll file in DoomGL

    I'm pretty sure that glide2x.dll isn't from DoomGL, it's a separate glide wrapper. I have it on my comp to use for an emulator, email me and I'll send it to ya.
  10. Hadeumdi

    Sprites or models?

    Sprites all the way! Doom came out with sprites, and I think it should be kept that way. If you want to play with models, find another game. I like the names of them too, enough to name my computer Barr1a0.