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Everything posted by Reaper8888

  1. Reaper8888

    Gaming Heads 19" Cyberdemon Statue

    Very cool. Yeah, these new Doom figures/statues are great but expensive. I really want that Doomslayer though.
  2. Reaper8888

    Enemies you don't want to return

    I would like to see Doom 3 enemies in Eternal, although the likelihood of this is questionable. The pinky demon design, in both the classic games and Doom 2016, is great, but I really like the Doom 3 pinky demon.
  3. Reaper8888

    I want Doomslayer in Mortal Kombat 11

    That would be cool to see in MK...
  4. Reaper8888

    Doom: Eternal Announced at E3

    Doom 2016 was so solid... realistically if Eternal simply delivered more of that it would be good enough for me. I was kind of hoping that the sequel wouldn't take place on Earth, but it did look very cool in the trailer.
  5. Reaper8888

    What improvements over Doom 2016 are you expecting?

    It would be cool to see enemies from Doom 3 show up in this next one, like the cherubs and trites.
  6. I have mixed feelings about the release of extensive gameplay footage... I really want to watch but it just spoils too much too early on... like a movie trailer that goes on for too long.
  7. Cyberpunk 2077 looks good. I just kind of want to play them all.
  8. Just watched the trailers for the RE2 remake and Doom Eternal. So cool. Like many people I've been looking forward to a RE2 remake ever since the RE1 remake came out. At some point I really want to actually attend an E3.
  9. Reaper8888

    Your Favorite Game of All Time

    -Resident Evil 1 remake -Doom 3 -Doom 4 Although not necessarily in that order.
  10. The Hell in Doom 3 is definitely not congruent with a standard Christian Hell, however the areas that are actually explored by the player could very well be a microcosm compared to the overall vastness of it. In theory there could have been other parts of that Hell never experienced in the game where, as with the Christian Hell, sinful people do in fact go. Impossible to know for sure however.
  11. Reaper8888

    rock/metal songs that would have fit Doom

    Metal tracks in Doom is okay, but I prefer the use of more industrial tracks, such as some of the music that plays in parts of Doom 3.
  12. Reaper8888

    Your thoughts on the Unreal franchise

    Never payed much attention to the original Unreal games, although I really enjoy standard deathmatch in Unreal Tournament 3. Epic knows their craft and provides an appealing alternative to Doom.
  13. Reaper8888

    Do you ever imagine about the Doom Marine's past?

    No. I always liked the idea of you, the player being the marine. I think it's a concept that has helped Doom as a whole and makes the games stand out more.
  14. Reaper8888

    Star Wars games

    I really enjoyed the original Dark Forces back in the day. I also played a lot of Dark Forces 2 when it came out.
  15. Reaper8888

    What is the worst movie/movies you have ever seen?

    It's hard to name the worst one, Halloween: Resurrection was pretty terrible. To take my mind off of it I plan on watching Jersey Shore Shark Attack tonight. I'm sure that will be way better.
  16. Reaper8888

    Doom board game painted figures

    Nice. It's cool that the fat zombie from Doom 3 is included, always had a soft spot for that enemy. I can't help but be reminded of the licker from Resident Evil when I look at the imp, but that's not necessarily bad.
  17. Reaper8888

    Less considered aspects of the characters

    Perhap's you're right, but it's still necessary to clear the UAC facilities of the damage she has done, thus making her a legitimate antagonist. Besides, you don't actually kill her until after she has transformed into the spider-brain, at which point it would be crazy not to fight back...
  18. Doom 5: Let's Get This Party Started (And yes, it is a total rip-off of the Zach Galifianakis joke).
  19. Reaper8888

    What difficulty do you play Classic Doom on?

    If it's a version of Doom that has cheats, then ultra-violence or nightmare. If not, then the easier modes.
  20. Reaper8888

    Have you used Doom to reduce your anger?

    I find Doom to be a good way of dealing with stress and frustration. People may think there are better forms of stress relief, but there are also definitely worse ways to deal with stress...
  21. Reaper8888

    3D Doom Art

    It's been a while since I've been active and involved in the 3D art world, several years at least, but here are Doom 3D models I made: the BFG (movie version) and Cherub from Doom 3.
  22. Reaper8888

    What Video Game Are You Currently Playing?

    Been playing though Doom 3 again (BFG edition on PS3) Also started playing the Japanese PS3 import of Strider, which is good so far but I need to spend more time on it.
  23. Reaper8888

    Working on my new battlevest/kutte...

    Nice, that's awesome.
  24. Reaper8888

    6th scale Doom Marine action figure

    Wow, that's awesome. I seriously want one. It would look good next to my Doom posters.
  25. Reaper8888

    Flaws in Doom 3 : BFG Edition.

    In gerenal I feel that the BFG edition was a good idea and works well enough. If you had a particularly powerful PC that could easily run Doom 3 when it originally came out in 2004, then perhaps playing BFG edition, especially on a console, would seem kind of pointless. But back in 04 the PC I had was mediocre at best and I was lucky to even play the game at all. That coupled with the fact that I like Doom 3 more than a lot of other gamers makes me appreciate being able to play a polished console port if it.