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  1. Gotta respect someone admitting his mistakes despite being behind the anonymity of a computer screen
  2. Jbondboy

    Doom 3 running on the Switch.

    Its always fun to see just how many things people can get to run doom. A while ago i stumbled upon someone who managed to get doom to run using toasters...
  3. That feeling when you cant edit a post you started 15 minutes ago bc you cant find the text box :P

    1. Misty


      Because you used your post limits. But don't worry, tommorrow you'll be able post as usual. Newly created accounts have this limit due trolling/spam in the past from newly created accounts. 

  4. Jbondboy

    Having trouble running older WADS

    That one was my own stupidity i admit, but others like UAC_DEAD wont run or change anything at all.
  5. Jbondboy

    Having trouble running older WADS

    The ones im having issues with are the older ones, specifically Acheron, Serenity, and Eternity. Those are only the ones I remember off the top of my head. The only WADs im having problems with are the pretty old ones.
  6. I'm pretty new to the DOOM scene, only having started playing over the past couple of months. DOOM is a great game with lots of replayability that modern games just cant hold up to. Recently I came across doomworld's top ten WADs series where they break best WADs down by year and fell in love with the idea. I want to see just how the community and game itself has evolved over time, and the top tens series is a great way to do that. Recently however I have run into problems trying to run older WADs with newer source port engines. I run GZDoom and have been able to run newer mods and WADs in combination with and seprate from one another, however I am having trouble running older WADs, even by themselves. When trying to run these wads the game starts up at e1m1 with no changes at all despite running the wad. I use the ZDL launcher (cause its awesome :D) and have the IWADS for Ultimate doom and Doom 2. If anyone can help me figure out what's going on id be eternally grateful.